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Champion SpeedSkater Shani Davis Dominates The World Cup In Calgary

World Speedskating champion Shani Davis has done it again!

Shani Davis smashed the world record by running the third fastest time ever Sunday in Calgary,and fastest anywhere but Salt Lake City, the world’s fastest rink — to win the 1,000 meters at the speed skating World Cup.

Davis was chasing his own world record (1:06.42) he set in Salt Lake  last March, and missed it only by a few seconds by  finishing in an astounding 1 minute, 6.91 seconds at the Olympic Oval, well ahead of Lee Kyou-Hyuk of South Korea in 1:07.61.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=shani+davis&iid=7053486″ src=”3/4/c/e/ISU_World_Cup_8be0.jpg?adImageId=8081295&imageId=7053486″ width=”234″ height=”357″ /]

Shani Davis is unbeaten in three world cup’s this season, and his dominance is only getting stronger. As it stands now, Shani is in competition with himself-because there is no one in the world that has a chance to beat him.

He is demolishing the competition, and this is only the beginning. I predict a clean sweep at the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

The world will come to know Shani Davis by his accomplishment dominating the sport of speed skating, and not for his little ‘row’ with comedian/Team sponsor Stephen Colbert.

Last Friday, Shani was thrust into the tabloid press by his very public denouncement of the acerbic comedian, that had upset Shani, by referring to the great nation of Canada in a very disrespectful manner.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=colbert+report&iid=3353626″ src=”c/0/3/3/Comedy_Central_Emmy_8aa9.jpg?adImageId=8081401&imageId=3353626″ width=”234″ height=”350″ /]Shani simply called Colbert, when asked how he felt about him,…”a jerk”

Some in the media have been trying to portray Shani to be a self-centered, self-absorbed glory seeker, but I say that this is unfair,if you look at the main objective here. You are not self-centered if you simply look after your strongest business position, and sometimes the solo competitions take precedence over the team relay competitions.

There is a time and place for both.

Shani is in this sport to win, and he is fully aware of the fact that when he does win in a severely dominating way-ala Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps….then all the eyes of the world will be on him, as well as the sport of speed skating.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=usain+bolt&iid=6091843″ src=”8/a/6/f/12th_IAAF_World_83d5.jpg?adImageId=8081561&imageId=6091843″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

Face it…do you think that I know anything about it, outside of ”Hans Brinker” stories and my man Shani Davis here.I am certain it’s like that throughout black America. Shani is going to let us all know what’s up with Speed skating through his dominant streak of world record victories, and by being a black man doing it in a white sport…if you know what I mean…

The reality of it is that he can have the same effect his sport that Joe Louis had in his,and become the pound for pound speed skating champion loved by all.

Kids will probably make up a dance called the ”Shani!”…after he sweeps the Olympics.

Just wait and see.[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=shani+davis&iid=6985311″ src=”9/9/6/1/Essent_ISU_Speed_efdb.jpg?adImageId=8081673&imageId=6985311″ width=”234″ height=”158″ /]

Shani also has to recognize the basic financial realities that can be rewarded to him when he sweeps all of his competitions in the Olympics-and I want him to have all that he can attain. He, as well as all of his fellow Olympians, must desire the financial windfall that Olympic swimming hero Michael Phelps’ and Sprinter Usain Bolt received after they dominated and swept their respective competitions.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=cullen+jones&iid=681852″ src=”7/9/5/2/51.jpg?adImageId=8081224&imageId=681852″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]…and he saw that black Olympic swimming medalist Cullen Jones received far less endorsements than Michael Phelps,even after Michael got caught smoking weed!!!

Do you think that Shani Davis is selfish for wanting to be like Michael Phelps….rather than Cullen Jones?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=cullen+jones&iid=5382635″ src=”5/3/4/4/17th_Annual_ESPY_3a15.jpg?adImageId=8081157&imageId=5382635″ width=”234″ height=”277″ /]

I think the answer for Shani is simple, as he is a champion.

Handle your business Shani, and just know that, as your star rises as in the sport of speed skating,you will inspire a nation of  African-Americans to become fans of your sport, as we join together to support and celebrate your continued streak of victories.

The world will have to bow down to your dominance in the sport of speed skating.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=shani+davis&iid=7046859″ src=”0/5/e/a/ISU_World_Cup_6dce.jpg?adImageId=8081025&imageId=7046859″ width=”380″ height=”289″ /]

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Shani Davis Does It Again...World Cup Speed Skating

Shani Davis Does It Again...World Cup Speed Skating

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