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The Redskins Almost Beat The N.O.Saints…But Drew Brees Wins Again

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=saints+vs+redskins&iid=1348365″ src=”1/a/1/3/ff.JPG?adImageId=8071834&imageId=1348365″ width=”380″ height=”279″ /]

Breaking News– The lowly Washington Redskins have just almost  defeated the NFL’s leading quarterback Drew Brees, and his 11-0 perfect team, the New Orleans Saints,in a hard-fought battle in D.C.

They definitely gave the Saints all they could handle today. I see the potential in the Redskins to be a great team in the future, and they will give every team they play this year a headache.

The Redskins have had a terrible season,and their coach Jim Zorn is rumored to be on his way out.

The Redskins QB Jason Campbell had a career day, in an effort to bolster the spirits of his team, and their fans.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=saints+vs+redskins&iid=1435691″ src=”9/1/b/a/fe.JPG?adImageId=8072088&imageId=1435691″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]The Skins had a shot at the win with the score tied,but with less than a minute and a half left, Campbell was intercepted for the first time in the game,during regular time period for the game.

Overtime is inevitable, barring the amazing from Drew Brees and the Saints.

With the score tied 30-30, the Saints drove down the field in an attempt to gain yardage so they can end the game with a tie-breaking field goal.

They attempted a 58 yard field goal with 3 seconds left in regulation and no time outs left, which they missed.

On to overtime!

Washington wins the coin toss, and you know what that means in professional football…he who wins the coin toss, usually wins the game. The announcers on the broadcast chime in to note that that is what usually happens in pro football, but for some reason this year, the opposite has been happening.

The Redskins decide to receive the football, which New Orleans kicks to them. The Skins start on the 29 yard line.

Campbell makes a torpedo like strike to Santana Moss, who catches it for a first down on the 39 yard line,the drive is on…until a Redskins receiver fumbles the ball, which is recovered by New Orleans.

The announcers words about the overtime periods this season seem almost prophetic. If you are not excited about this game, then you just do not like football.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=saints+vs+redskins&iid=7328114″ src=”3/9/5/2/Saints_vs_Redskins_0490.JPG?adImageId=8072118&imageId=7328114″ width=”234″ height=”196″ /]

New Orleans drives down the field to the 2 yard line, and they attempt an 18 yard field goal,which is an easy one for any professional kicker to make.

The Saints come back after being ten points down to win the game by three points,33-30, preserving their perfect record of 12-0 for this season.

The NFL has only one more team with a perfect record this season, and that is the Peyton Manning led Indianapolis Colts.

Truly an amazing game, and exceptional season for the New Orleans Saints.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=Redskins+vs+saints&iid=7328126″ src=”9/8/7/b/Saints_vs_Redskins_b824.JPG?adImageId=8072198&imageId=7328126″ width=”234″ height=”178″ /]



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