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The New York State Senate Vote Down Same-Sex Marriage 38 Votes To 24

New York must have been jealous of Californians homophobic tendencies when confronted with a vote to legalize same-sex marriage.

Gay Marriage had already cleared one half of the New York legislature, the state assembly. It had the support of Governor David Paterson, and a majority of New Yorker’s, in a recent poll, approved of legalization for gay marriages.

So what happened?

The New York Daily News reports that…After a historic debate that lasted close to three hours, the Senate today rejected a bill that would have made New York the sixth state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage.

The final vote was 24-38. Eight Democrats voted “no” – Addabbo, Aubertine, Diaz Sr., Huntley, C. Kruger, Monserrate, Onorato, Stachowski – while not a single Republican voted “yes.”

It was held up and eventually defeated by a sharply divided New York state senate. Although Democrats are in the majority, they lost the support of some of their conservative members. All the Republican state senators voted against the bill.

The New York state senate leaders wouldn’t even allow debate on the gay marriage until now,because there was no actual will by the Senator’s to acknowledge or affirm same-sex marriage.

New York also doesn’t allow civil unions, but has several laws, executive orders and court decisions that grant many of the rights to gays long enjoyed by married couples. What it does not grant is equality, setting up an apartheid like system for gays in New York, and most of our great nation.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=new+york+gay+pride&iid=5056934″ src=”1/f/6/b/Gay_pride_parade_2148.JPG?adImageId=7990196&imageId=5056934″ width=”234″ height=”154″ /]

This action by the New York Republicans and weak Democratic leaders will reflect what I predict will happen to Healthcare reform in the United States Senate.

Even though we all voted in a majority of Democratic Congressman, there seems to be a naive belief by the Democratic Congressman that if they move toward a middle ground, and compromise with the homophobic racist American freedom hating neocons in the Republican party, that they will be seen as moderate to the Republican voters in their district, which is crazy.

No matter how oppressive the Democrats are to the American’s that voted them in to office, the Republicans still will hate you. You have not impressed nor have you gained any ground with the Republican voters, but what you have done is proven to the Republicans just how much of a hypocrite you really are.

There is no compromise when it comes to personal freedoms, and the freedom of choice.

We all as people have a right to pursue any legal and non-violent form of happiness that we so choose. The fact that same-sex marriage is not legal is a failure of our society.

I am not gay, so if a million gay men and women choose to marry each other, …it will not have any affect on my life at all, other than the fact that I might have to decide on what wedding gift’s I should give to each couple, as I would anticipate attending a lot more weddings.

But any action to stop them, will lead to a slippery slope of amendments to restrict all of our personal freedoms, and that will directly hurt many of us, straight or gay. I am for freedom,I am against fascism.

I say this to my gay Americans out there, these laws that citizens have to vote on remind me of the outcome of some of the very first Civil Rights legislation that was voted on right after the Civil War, and all bills that related to the freedom and full rights for black Americans, were all defeated soundly in both houses of Congress.

The American people, given a chance to vote on freedom, will always vote against it. Republicans are trained from a very young age to vote against their own self-interest, and this legislation is no different.

The ugly cloud of homophobic hatred now stretches out from coast to coast…making California just as bad as the haters in New York.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=gay+pride+new+york&iid=5056939″ src=”f/3/e/7/Gay_pride_parade_e526.JPG?adImageId=7990228&imageId=5056939″ width=”234″ height=”176″ /]Both coast should clearly be ashamed and embarrassed.

Call and write all of the backwards state Senators in New York, listed in this article linked here,from the New York Daily News…

The State Assembly had earlier approved the bill, and Gov. David Paterson, perhaps the bill’s strongest advocate, had pledged to sign it.

Immediately after the vote, gay rights advocates chanted: “Equal rights now!” Many said they weren’t surprised by the decision. Most, including Paterson, said they at least wanted a floor debate and vote.

Senate sponsor Thomas Duane, a Manhattan Democrat and the Legislature’s first openly gay member, vowed not to give up his life’s goal.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=gay+marriage&iid=4884690″ src=”a/0/f/0/CA_Court_To_d423.jpg?adImageId=7989679&imageId=4884690″ width=”234″ height=”158″ /]

“I’m like a dog with a bone,” said Duane in his closing remarks on the floor, when defeat was becoming clear. “I wouldn’t let go of anyone … Because I don’t give up. I don’t know how to!”

The message should be clear to gay rights advocates, the time for civil unrest is here. New York and California set the pace for the rest of America, so the tactic of using the ballot has ended, and the time is now for civil disobediance…or forget about getting married legally.

Choose one….

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=gay+marriage&iid=5056933″ src=”f/5/8/3/Gay_pride_parade_76ea.JPG?adImageId=7989636&imageId=5056933″ width=”234″ height=”311″ /]


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