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Seattle ‘cop Killer’ Maurice Clemmons Shot Dead (Photo)

Maurice Clemmons was killed by a patrol officer investigating a stolen vehicle.

Investigators from the King County Medical Examiner will look over the body of Maurice Clemmons, who was shot by a Seattle police early this morning.

The AP reports that…a Seattle police  officer on patrol found the suspect in the Lakewood police shooting when the officer came upon a stolen car early this morning.

He was shot when he refused to show his hands and ran around the car.

Clemmons was suspected in the execution style killing of four police officers at a coffee shop this weekend.

Investigators have rolled up a growing network of friends and families who helped the shooter evade arrest for two days.

Cop killer Maurice Clemmons killed...

Cop killer Maurice Clemmons killed...

UPDATE: A photo of the body of Maurice Clemmons has surfaced,and we have it here for you (click on picture for larger view)…

The Body of Maurice Clemmons...cop killer

The Body of Maurice Clemmons...cop killer

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7 Responses to “Seattle ‘cop Killer’ Maurice Clemmons Shot Dead (Photo)”

  1. The no good dirt bag got what he had comeing to him dead. Now he can’t hurt anyone else

    • I agree….shooting four innocent hard working people not expecting it is worthy of his death. What do you think should happen to the friend’s and family of his that tried to help him get away…I heard one of them actually drove the car for him to kill these police officers…

  2. This man was mentally ill and the system failed him.. He should have been received mental healthcare and that is the reason those officers are dead, I am a criminal justice major and feel for the family of the officers as well as the perp’s family..When we realize that rehabilitation should take precedence over throwing someone away to rot in prisonl than this type of thing will not happen as often. Prison makes one angry.. do the research and you will find there are mentally ill people in prison who do not receive the care they need and than are let out of prison to reap havoc on our community..

    • The system failed alright. It should have PUT HIM DOWN years ago…then four good people would still be alive. Get your head straight, kid; not all incorrigibles can be controlled or cured. They can only be REMOVED for the good of society.

    • How many strikes did he get and stil get out.?

      That’s why these people are dead. Some @#$%^ let his crazy %$^ out!!!!

  3. It’s sad for what happen to those 4 police officers,But with whats been going on with cops being killed,and the shooters being killed shortly thereafter,its more like”An Eye For An Eye”…posting of the killers photo the way it was,was like showing ppl,”Anyone who messes with the police,will get theirs”,so sad…Only God Can judge,and have His mercy on those who do wrongdoings…Prayers and Blessings to the Family of The Fallen Officers and any other Officers who Risk Their Lives Everyday to protect….Also to the clemmons family,may they get through what they need to,to move on….

  4. In death his picture of his dead body joins the likes of notorious killers,like Jesse James here-

    America has a tradition of displaying the deceased bodies of criminals, especially the ones that garner a lot of publicity.

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