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Ex-Miss Argentina Dies Of Complications From Kim Kardashian Style Big Butt Implant Surgery…

J-Lo and Kim Kardashian beware…when the butt begins to fall, just let nature take its course. The seemingly harmless elective surgeries that man has created to firm up, or expand on what nature did not naturally provide to a woman,has once again proven to be fatal.

Sexy Solange Magnano

Sexy Solange Magnano

This weekend, another natural beauty has succumbed to the pressures of maintaining a youthful appearance, rather than to grow old gracefully.  A former Miss Argentina died Sunday after complications arising from plastic surgery on her buttocks, in an attempt to firm up butt,that in her own opinion,had begun to sag.

The AP is reporting…Solange Magnano,38, a mother of twins who won the crown in 1994, died of a pulmonary embolism Sunday after three days in critical condition following a gluteoplasty in Buenos Aires.

Close friend Roberto Piazza said the procedure involved injections and the liquid “went to her lungs and brain.”

“A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind,” he said.”She lived the life of a goddess, she was the envy of everybody.”

The model Magnano died undergoing a Gluteoplasty – a procedure to either lift the buttocks, or to enlarge the posterior by inserting synthetic implants. It has long been rumored to be the surgery that Kim Kardashian may quite possibly have had to give her ample butt a lift,but it has never been substantiated.



It is an operation favoured by women who want fuller and firmer buttocks, hoping to look like stars such as Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé Knowles. Dr. Gonzalo Cortes y Tristan said she arrived at his hospital with an acute respiratory deficiency. Her condition deteriorated until she suffered the embolism.

Ms Magnano was buried in her hometown of San Francisco, in the province of Cordoba, in front of 300 people yesterday.

Magnano’s burial Monday was shown on Argentine television.

Ms Magnano was a very succesful fashion model working the runway around the world, and it is reported that in Paris, she was highly sought after to wear top designers clothes because she offered a little different body type. She was different, not a Barbie-like beauty.

Unfortunetly, lately Ms Magnano had given in to her obsession to maintain her youthful appearance, even after giving birth to twins.

The Sun is reporting that…her death has sparked a huge debate in Argentina about the rights and wrongs of cosmetic surgery. Around 50,000 cosmetic operations were carried out in the country last year, up more than 60 per cent in five years.

Increasing numbers of foreigners are travelling to the South America country, as surgery there is relatively cheap.

Tragically, what is left here is the fact that a beautiful,healthy, young mother has died unnecessarily,and her two twins are now left behind to grow up with no mother.

I send out my condolences to Ms Magnano and her family.

Read more on this sad story from the source listed below:

3 Responses to “Ex-Miss Argentina Dies Of Complications From Kim Kardashian Style Big Butt Implant Surgery…”

  1. RIP – Solange Magnano, 38, a former Miss Argentina, wasn’t asking for world peace, or to end world hunger, or even for a cure for cancer. She just wanted a hotter ass. In comparison, a simple request, and probably easily done. Right? Wrong.

  2. […] from a butt enhancement surgery, both of these ladies really did not need the operation at all!(Source) Supermodel Solange Magnano died recently from a butt […]

  3. Well, some people want to stay young forever just because of fame and money. Another episode on “Spike TV”: “One Thousand Way to Die”.

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