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Tiger Wood’s Refuses To Snitch On Wife To The Police

I don’t advocate domestic violence by any one, and I support abiding by the law, and being as helpful to the police as possible, but I also think that is wise not to make any incriminating statement’s to the authorities, given if the statement’s may be interpreted as a confession.

I understand…

In that case, I suggest saying nothing, unless your attorney is present,no matter what the police threaten,…

..especially if you may find yourself being guilty.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=elin+nordegren&iid=7109828″ src=”a/0/7/4/California_v_Stanford_be64.jpg?adImageId=7912464&imageId=7109828″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

That is why I am not surprised by Tiger and Elin Woods reluctance to make any further statements to the police today, and I do not blame them for postponing the police interview until Sunday.

I do not expect them to make any statement on Sunday,outside of whatever minor announcement by whatever attorney the Wood’s managed to hire this holiday weekend to help them resolve this messy domestic incidence.

The interview was supposed to take place after 3 p.m. Saturday but was postponed shortly beforehand by Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg of IMG.

On Friday,troopers were asked to return today, said Sgt. Kim Montes, a FHP spokeswoman.

 Woods’ wife, Elin, told troopers seeking to interview Woods that he was sleeping. They agreed to return the next day.

“The Florida Highway Patrol has received information that Tiger Woods and his wife were not available to be interviewed by state troopers, as we had previously scheduled,” said Sgt. Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol. “Troopers were asked to return tomorrow (November 29th).”

Sgt. Montes has said in an interview that Mr. Woods could be charged with violations but “we always want to give the driver an opportunity to respond first.”

Hopefully they will take some quality time and hire some good legal counsel, and maybe seek some advice from Kobe Bryant , Shaq, Lionel Richie, Michael Jordan, and his many wealthy sports star peers for some good strategy to get out of this very embarrassing public domestic dispute .

They all been through similar issues with their wives and ex-wives. Make an appointment with Kobe Bryant’s jeweler,you may need his services right about now.

This is gong to cost you Tiger, way more than the 4 million dollars that Kobe spent on that make up ring, but it was one of the reason’s why he did not end up in divorce court.

All of this over his little fling with some skank, RachelUchitel,…it could not have been worth it.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Rachel+Uchitel&iid=5479499″ src=”7/3/9/a/Milly_By_Michelle_a727.jpg?adImageId=7912520&imageId=5479499″ width=”234″ height=”354″ /]

The 2009 Cadillac Escalade sustained between $5,000 and $8,000 in damage to the front right and left, troopers said. The left and right rear-side passenger windows were also broken out, but the FHP hasn’t determined how that happened, Montes said.

I think that Tiger is more concerned with the cost of the damage to his family, his wife, his reputation, and his career.

He can always buy a new car…

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