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Tiger Woods Wife Goes From ‘Barbie Doll To Brenda Richie’!!!

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The notoriously private Tiger Woods has seen his whole secret undercover world blow-up in his face in the past 48 hrs. due a crash caused by him fleeing his wife, who was beating him with a golf club across his head, after confronting him about his alledged affair with another lover.

It has been reported by that Tiger has been having a sexual affair with socialite Rachel Uchitel , and when his wife and mother of his two children, Elin Nordegren spoke to him about this, the argument became heated, and violent.

The violence was inflicted by Elin, who picked up a golf club that she had at the ready, and began pummeling the philandering Tiger Woods across his face, causing what has been described by the hospital as severe facial lacerations and contusions.

I bet that’s not the reaction that Tiger expected her to have. Elin Nordegren does not look like a woman that would beat you down for something like this, but if it was me, I would expect her to maybe just collapse in a bundle of tears…but I’m not married, so what do I know.

I guess don’t judge a book by its cover, because that’s when Barbie doll turns into Brenda Richie!!!

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=brenda+richie&iid=319839″ src=”0316/8864823e-1e5d-49f1-9ee3-cade842af1bf.jpg?adImageId=7903582&imageId=319839″ width=”234″ height=”303″ /]

In 1988,Brenda Richie famously beat down her then husband,international singing sensation Lionel Richie, who also had a clean-cut ,family man image with the public and his fans, when she followed him one night creepin’ with his side girlfriend, Diane Alexander.

By all reports, sweet, petite, and quiet Brenda Richie beat up  both Lionel and Diane.

The “Three Times a Lady” singer was caught by the then-missus during a romantic encounter with Alexander at a Beverly Hills apartment. Brenda Richie went ballistic and was arrested for investigation of spousal abuse, trespassing and vandalism–but the charges were later dropped. After sticking it out for another three years, she and Lionel divorced in 1991.

The only difference here is that Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren is not black, and Brenda Richie is…so I guess that should put to rest that old stereotype about how a sister reacts to these kind of things, compared to a white lady…

…Pretty much the same way.

Looks like a mad woman of any race may beat you down …if she catches you creeping around town!!!

Looks like Tiger married a Tiger…

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=lionel+richie&iid=6631025″ src=”e/6/b/f/Andre_Agassi_Charitable_7e63.jpg?adImageId=7903619&imageId=6631025″ width=”234″ height=”325″ /]

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