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Tim Montgomery admits taking steroids to cheat just to finally beat rival sprinter Maurice Greene

Convicted felon and former world record holding track star Tim Montgomery on Friday talked about why he started using steroids, as well as his life with former Olympic champion Marion Jones.

Tim Montgomery says he started taking performance-enhancing drugs because he wanted to beat American sprint rival Maurice Greene and become the fastest man in the world.

He states that Maurice Greene really …”got in to my head”…and he became obsessed with defeating him for the title.

Montgomery, the former world 100m record holder, has served 18 months of his sentence for dealing heroin and handling counterfeit cheques, crimes he was convicted of after being banned from athletics for doping in 2005.

“I destroyed myself,” Montgomery acknowledges in an interview with The Times, conducted in the Alabama prison where he spends his days earning 12 cents an hour sweeping leaves. “I’ve been trying to be a man all my life and now I’m in here treated like a kid.”

Montgomery admits he never had any second thoughts about crossing the line that separates clean athletes from drugs cheats like himself and his former partner, Marion Jones.

Montgomery admits he never had any second thoughts about crossing the line that separates clean athletes from drugs cheats like himself and his former partner, Marion Jones.

“I’m not going to sugar-coat it, there wasn’t even a second thought that I was cheating,” he said. “It was all about getting one over the system and if I could, I would.

“That was what I learnt on the streets. But I tell you, if I’m cold, Marion’s even colder. Marion didn’t care about anything.”

On January 11, 2008, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas sentenced Marion  Jones to six months in prison and 200 hours of community service for perjury relating to her using of steroids and for a check-fraud scam.

She has since that time been unapologetic to her relay team members who had to return their medals because of Jones’ cheating, and she has continued to lie on many national TV programs most notably the Oprah Winfrey show.She always comes off as very self-centered, and she appears to be willing to say anything given the chance to weasel out of taking full responsiblity for taking illegal substances to cheat her way into a championship title, that she did not ever deserve.

She was also sentenced to two years probation following her prison term. Jones reported to the Federal Medical Center-Carswell prison facility in Fort Worth, Texas on March 7, 2008 and was assigned prisoner no. 84868/054. She was released from prison on September 5, 2008.

Tim Montgomery insists he never thought of the consequences of his actions.

“Maurice got in my head real bad,” Montgomery, who used to keep steroids in the fridge, told the AP. “I wanted everything that he had.

“I would give anything to be the world’s fastest, Montgomery declared.

He did do something, and that was to leave his long time coach Steve Riddick and joined doping-tainted coach Trevor Graham. “I wouldn’t let anything get in my way.”

Montgomery criticizes Greene for “clowning the other athletes.” And it was after the 1999 world championships in Seville, Spain, that Montgomery decided do something.

Montgomery never tested positive for drugs, but he was linked to the BALCO doping investigation and has admitted that he doped before the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He retired after the ban was imposed in 2005.

Montgomery said he and Jones became an item in 2002 after spending several hours talking on a flight to Rome.

“Two hours later we were alone in a hotel room together. Two weeks after that we were crowned the world’s fastest couple. And six months after that she was pregnant,” said Montgomery, who added that Jones could make herself cry for the cameras.

“Her best work was when she passed a lie detector test.”

American athlete Marion Jones tested negative more than 150 times before her courtroom confession that she had taken a cocktail of drugs before the Sydney Olympics.

“It is still easy to circumvent the anti-doping policies and procedures in place today not only in professional sport but Olympic sport,” a doping agency official says.

The issue of drug-test evasion has been partly addressed by the introduction this year of tough new rules requiring athletes to provide constantly updated information about their whereabouts, despite protests from some that they infringe civil liberties.

The Balco scandal that Montgomery and Jones participated in, has also opened up a new front against the cheats by showing the value of investigative techniques to complement old-fashioned testing, with evidence gathered by federal officers being used to prove drug violations by athletes such as Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery.

The World Anti-Doping Agency,WADA, is celebrating its 10th year in existence , and are the agency credited with outing cheaters like Tim and Marion.

The American law enforcement agencies have agreed to work in partnership with the WADA and are primed to pass on any relevant information.

Such co-operation between sport and government would have been unthinkable before 1999 and is perhaps the greatest achievement of WADA’s first decade.

Doping is no longer just a sport problem. Now everyone is in it together.

On May 1, 2008, an indictment was unsealed that accused the 33-year-old sprinter of dealing more than 100 grams of heroin in the Virginia Beach area over the past year, according to The Virginian Pilot, the daily newspaper in Virginia Beach, Va. Montgomery told the newspaper he knew nothing of the accusations and that his arrest was a “total surprise.”

In October of that year, Montgomery was found guilty and sentenced to five years in jail.

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