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Entertainment Mogul Tyler Perry Sued Over Praising God In His ‘Madea’ Hit Movies

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Tyler Perry must be uber successful now, because that is the only time you get lawsuits filed against you claiming copyright infringement and other such claims of fraud, abuse, and misrepresentation.

Earlier this month, Tyler decided to answer claims of coonery, launched by Spike Lee against Tyler’s work, that were never discussed between the two directors in private, or the many years that Tyler performed the plays that are the subject of his movies,which is just jealousy on the part of Spike, but a sign of Tyler’s success.

He recently donated a million dollars to the NAACP, , making it the largest single donation to the organization from an individual.

He is truly reaching back and supporting our communities, as well as hiring a multitude of black talent , in front of, and behind the cameras. It was what we hope that all of our black celebrities would do for the audience that supports their product, and should be celebrated rather than torn down.

Today, is reporting that a lawsuit over copyright infringement has been lodged against Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry used too much of the goodness of Jesus in his movie, “Madea Goes to Jail,” at least according to a new federal lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The suit, filed by the personal representative of deceased gospel singer/songwriter Bertha James, claims Perry lifted an entire verse from a song James wrote in 1950 — “When I Think of the Goodness of Jesus.”

The suit claims Perry pilfered the verse and used it in “Madea” — specifically, “incorporating the entire Chorus in a monologue delivered by the main character in ‘Madea” referencing her deliverance from a jail sentence and leniency for repetitive criminal conduct, in a staged court proceeding presided over by ‘Judge Mabeline.'”

Bertha’s estate, which is also suing Lionsgate Entertainment, wants unspecified damages for copyright infringement.

I have fought tirelessly to protect and maintain our current copyright laws, as well as to strengthen them in order for future generations of family  to benefit off of the exploitation of our artistic creations.

I feel that in life, most artist never attain financial security from their work, so I stand on the fact that the inherited value of ones art that is gained after death, is the financial gain that we, as artist must protect for future generations of our family, in perpetuity.

The downside of that , are nefarious lawsuits such as this one, that appear to be an attempt to loosely tie in a phrase of words, into an infringement case.The standard of substantial similarity is clear, and any competent attorney could connect the dots of what is actually a protected element in a creation, and what is not, quite easily, before going to court.

In this case, it is a phrase from a song, that was not performed in the movie, but Madea may have said…”Prasise God”…in the movies.

This case will not meet that standard, and the launching of the case is whimsical at best.It will be dismissed summarily, which means that it will be thrown out of court, mark my words.

It appears to be a bid for public relations, but probably more like a sad attempt to extort money from Mr Perry, and to sully his pristine public image.

Stay strong  Tyler, the more successful you get, the more idiots will creep out of the woodwork to try to get at your wallet, no matter how good you are to our people.

Tyler Perry is the producer, along with Oprah Winfrey, for the new movie that is gaining Oscar buzz,”Precious”,that is in theaters now. Run out to see it and support Tyler against this ridiculous lawsuit.

Read the full story on, by clicking the link below…

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