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Catholic Bishop Bans Rep.Patrick Kennedy From Communion In An Attempt To Manipulate American Healthcare Reform Act

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What ever happened to separation of church and state?

Didn’t the pilgrims come to America originally to escape religious persecution in England,so they would be free to practice whatever religion of their choice…and didn’t they claim that we have a government that separates church from state, simply because of the fact that we practice ”religious pluralism” in our society?

Many years ago, when John F. Kennedy was running for President in 1960, the concern with many Americans was that he would be taking his orders from the Pope in the Vatican,and that he would base his policy decisions for the country primarily based on what the Pope told him to do.

Obviously that would mean that America would become a principality ruled by the Vatican, and that goes against every basic fundamental belief that our country is built upon, and it is the very thing that separates our country from the religiously conservative countries that can not progress forward into the future, because they are still basing their laws and beliefs on ancient outmoded teachings.

Do we want our laws to be governed based on the beliefs of the Catholic church even though every citizen in America may not be a believer of Catholicism?

What is the difference between Catholic law and Sharia Law?

Today, the AP is reporting that  Rep.Patrick Kennedy said that Bishop Thomas J. Tobin “instructed me not to take communion and said that he has instructed the diocesan priests not to give me communion.”…

The reason for barring him from receiving communion is because of his support of abortion rights.

The New York Times is reporting…that Michael K Guilfoyle a spokesman for the diocese, said Sunday that the Bishop has “never addressed matters relative to public officials receiving Holy Communion with pastors of the Diocese of Providence.”

The Bishop added that his instructions to Rep. Kennedy came more than two years ago in a letter on February 21, 2007, he sent to the congressman privately and pastorally.

“In light of the Church’s clear teaching, and your consistent actions,” the letter said, “I believe it is inappropriate for you to be receiving Holy Communion and I now ask respectfully that you refrain from doing so.”

The dispute between the men began when Kennedy criticized the nation’s Catholic bishops for threatening to oppose an overhaul of the health care system unless it included tighter restrictions on publicly financed abortion.

 Tobin asked for an apology and questioned Kennedy’s faith.

Tobin has refused to speak publically about the ban on Rep.Kennedy, or to discuss what he expects from Congressman Kennedy in exchange for his religious freedom to worship in the Catholic church.

I find out separation of church and state to be an effective way for our country to recognize all the religions that are here currently in America, and the ones that are coming.

As long as any religious practice does not limit the Civil Rights of others to not worship in the state mandated religion ,then it is of no concern to the masses,…but when one religion is treated like a head of state,and our Presidents kiss the ring of any religious leader, then we are on a slippery slope into a fundamental religious government, where all non-believers will be persecuted by the religious zealots.

Our country must reject this latest attempt to overturn our Constitution, and we must eliminate any religious organization from threatening our Congressman with such a personal attack as the one that is being launched against Rep.Kennedy by the Catholic church.

I call for all Catholics to write your Bishop’s,and urge them to voice their opinions as all American citizens are free to do, but any attempt at a quid pro quo in exchange for a vote in the Catholic church’s favor, should be discontinued immediately, as it is an attack on our all of our personal religious beliefs.

America is not a Christian country, rather a religiously plural country, where no one religious belief or practice is put before any other religious practice, whether that is Islamic,Hindu,Jewish,Scientology,Catholic, or Protestant.

Any other path, will lead to the end of our American freedoms as we know it…

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