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New Orleans Saints Superstar Drew Brees Moms Death Ruled A Suicide

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Drew Brees is one of my favorite quarterbacks in the National Football League, and has been ever since he came to the San Diego Chargers, and led our team to prominence while he was there.

Unfortunetly for the fans in San Diego, he was traded to the New Orleans Saints after he had what they thought was a career ending shoulder injury.

Brees is having the last laugh, as he has led his Saints football team to as 9-0 perfect record of wins this season.

I hope he takes the Saints all the way, and I am still a Chargers fan, but I must show loyalty to Drew Brees because he is an entertaining and tough football player to watch. When he and Doug Flutie were quarterbacking in San Diego, they were a lesson in scrappy efficient and forceful quarterbacking.

Tragedy had struck the Brees family this past August, as his mother, attorney Mina Brees 59, died while visiting family in Colorado.

Her death today was conclusively ruled as a suicide.

It is reported that she died from a lethal overdose of prescription drugs. Mina has been reported to be under investigation by the Attorney General of Texas for business improprieties. She committed suicide only a few days after she was subpoenaed by the DA for her business records.

Drew Brees and his mom had been strained for years, and he has stated that his relationship with his mother was “nonexistent,” saying it crumbled six years earlier when he refused to hire her as his agent.

Reports of the quarterback and Mina Brees being estranged surfaced when she was running for office and using her son’s image which he did not approve of.

Mina Brees was a well-known attorney in the Austin, Texas area.

Austin attorney Marty Akins, the brother of Mina Brees, declined comment late Friday.

Follow this link to the full AP story on the suicide of Mina Brees, mother of Drew Brees….

Mina and Drew Brees

Mina and Drew Brees

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