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Fight Fans Want To Know Will Floyd Mayweather Jr. Risk His Chin And Fight Manny Pacquiao? …

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The weekend is near, and tomorrow, Saturday November 20th, will mark one week ago after Manny Pacquiao knocked out Cotto, in a brilliant display of ever improving all around pound for pound boxing, displayed for the millions upon millions of fans worldwide.

Manny Pacquiao was so devastating, yet so tactical and conclusively dominating, that the Puerto Rican fans that have loyally supported their hero Cotto, had to give it up to the respectful dynamo from the Philippines that never quits.

If you did not like that fight last Saturday night, then you must not like boxing.

I was concerned for Cotto’s health after the thrashing Manny gave him in the 9th round.I had predicted a knock out in the fight, I just did not know it was going to be so brutal….but that’s boxing.

Her won fair and square, and was quite humble after the fight. It’s a good thing he is religious, because if he ever did get the devil in him,he might gloat about his skills like his next opponent, if it can  be worked out, Floyd MayweatherJr.

I hope that these two can make a deal, and set a date for what will be the fight of the century.This match would bring the boxing game back to a dominant position in sports that it once enjoyed in the past.

Question is…will Mayweather have the heart to risk his chin in a fight with the Pac-man,that is the mystery.

I think that Floyd will make an unreasonable demand on the split of the money, and proclaim that he is the draw, and the more famous and dominant fighter,and talk a lot about his money blah, blah ,blah….who cares?

He will try all the loud subterfuge that a loud mouth ‘has- been’ can drum up, and blame the break down of the deal on Manny Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach, who has proven himself to be the greatest trainer in the whole boxing game…and I do mean that he is better than Floyd’s dad, and his uncle Roger combined, if they like each other or not.

Remember how Floyd ducked from fighting Margarito, and wanted no part of Shane Mosley, to the point that Mosley had to step to Floyd after Floyd beat up on an outmatched Marquez, and all Floyd could do is talk more trash about …don’t disrespect me?…

What was that? It definitely was a bad look for Floyd, and a good move by Mosley to expose the fake Floyd for what he is…just a Pretty Boy, but not a true brawler.

That was as funny as much as it was telling.If Floyd was really upset, he would have told Shane that he would fight him anytime, and anywhere, like a real fighter would.He would have shouted him down face to face like Rampage and Rashad from the UFC.

Do I have to stick with the UFC to get some real good match-ups, or do I have to watch Floyd duck and dodge Manny while he beats up on some more selective tomato cans? I am truly embarrassed for the brother.

Tarver stepped to Roy Jones, Jr., and Roy at least gave Tarver his next fight.

Tarver seized the opportunity and knocked Roy out cold, and I am certain that the Pretty Boy wants to avoid that predictable fate that is awaiting him the moment he steps in to the ring with Pacquiao.

Keep it simple and take a 50/50 split, and give the public what they want…a  Pretty Boy Floyd knockout courtesy of Manny Pac-Man Pacquiao.

Mark my words…if they have not made the fight yet, after Floyd was publicly called out on the worlds biggest audience for a PPV boxing match ever…then Floyd is frightened, and is looking for a face-saving way out of the match, and to still look cool.

Maybe his uncle Roger will help him out and sucker punch Pacquiao for Floyd, like he did to Zab Judah, when a street fight broke out in the ring.

That act of cowardice was very telling.

I hope we get to see who really is the man, and then we will all get to see if Floyd is for real, or as expected just all talk.

We all know what Manny Pacquiao is made of.His last 5 victories speaks volumes for him,and we know Floyd has been watching….and running away.

Only time will tell.

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