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Mario McNeill is charged with first-degree murder…he raped, sodomized and strangled 5 year old Shaniya Davis

Child pimp,sodomizer,rapist and murderer....Mario McNeill and his little victim Shaniya Davis.....let's all hope he dies soon!!!

Child pimp,sodomizer,rapist and murderer....Mario McNeill and his little victim Shaniya Davis.....let's all hope he dies soon!!!

This is a story that is truly disturbing for me to report, but it has to happen.

The animal that killed Shaniya Davis must be put to death, the sooner the better is my preferance.I have no mercy for this person, Mario McNeil,or her terrible mother,and the people who supported them to be able to live this long.

I hope they all burn in hell for what they did to little Shaniya.

The AP reports that the 5-year-old North Carolina girl was raped and killed the same day she was taken from her home, according to an arrest warrant released Friday. Shaniya Davis was sexually assaulted and asphyxiated Nov. 10, the day her mother reported her missing from the trailer park where she was staying, according to the warrant.

Mario McNeill is charged with first-degree murder and first-degree rape of a child in the warrant, which was issued after police said they collected hair and fibers, clothes, and a straw from his 1997 Mitsubishi Galant. He was initially charged only with kidnapping.

McNeill seemed nervous as he appeared in court Friday for a brief hearing on the latest charges. He nodded his head slightly to the judge’s questions but did not enter a plea. His lawyer, Allen Rogers, left the courtroom with his client and didn’t speak to reporters. He also didn’t return messages left at his office from The Associated Press.

The girl’s mother, Antoinette Davis, is charged with filing a false police report, trafficking her daughter and child abuse involving prostitution.

Her mother does not believe that her daughter harmed her child….so I say that they all should be thrown in jail with the general population.

She had to have known that her daughter is a pig, and was a danger to her defenseless little grand-daughter while she laid back and allowed it to happen.

She should be ashamed to support her vile and viscous daughter, and I suspect that she was a child abuser and molester, and she more than likely taught her daughter how to be one as well.

I hope they all die by the hands of the justice system.

Meanwhile, Shaniya’s father, Bradley Lockhart, appeared on Friday’s “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where Winfrey asked him if he had anything to say to Davis. He told The Associated Press earlier that he had cared for Shaniya for several years but decided to give Davis a chance to raise her because she seemed to be getting her life together.

“Right now I just think it’s best that we let the justice system take its course,” Lockhart said on the show. “I try to keep my heart as pure as possible, and I’m sure one day I will be able to sit down and talk to her, try and understand what was going through her mind.”

All I can say is that I wish I could be a juror on that trial, because I would not hesitate to vote the death penalty for these cowards…

Write in and comment on my blog here, and let me know what type of punishment this child rapist Mario McNeill deserves, and what kind of death should her mother Antoinette Davis, that sold her for sex to settle a drug debt, should get, because she absolutely deserves the death penalty…in all 50 states.

The details of this case just make me sick, as it should all civilized human beings.

It is hard for me to look at this idiot, but here is a news report from You tube, courtesy of the AP

Let me know how you would put him to death….let me know.

Mario McNeill carries little Shaniya to her molestation and death...

Innocent Shaniya patiently waiting to be raped and murdered by the animal Mario McNeill

Innocent Shaniya patiently waiting to be raped and murdered by the animal Mario McNeill

Let’s pray for his swift and violent death…he has earned all of our hatred.

17 Responses to “Mario McNeill is charged with first-degree murder…he raped, sodomized and strangled 5 year old Shaniya Davis”

  1. Hang him from his private parts. And the mom or so called mom
    hang her to after she gives birth to yet another innocent potential vcitim of her sick mind.

  2. They both should get the DEATH penalty, without hesitation! It is obvious that most offenders are repeat offenders. If our nation had harsher penalties, maybe we would not see crime after crime by habitual offenders. I AM PISSED OFF!!! THIS MAN WAS NOT FIT TO EVEN WALK THE STREETS, NOW LOOK WHAT HE HAS DONE!!! Our justice system needs to be fixed! NOW!! Not up for review, not looked at….FIXED!!!!


  4. I vote they both get thrown into the general population of prison and let the inmates do to both of them what they allowed to happen to that precious little angel. I don’t understand why they aren’t at the moment…instead they’re sitting comfortably in a cell with guards protecting them. Screw that!!!! They should have quick trials and found guilty already instead of wasting the taxpayers’ money. And I’ll bet you anything that little crap McNeill will only continue to waste the taxpayers money with future appeal
    after appeal after appeal. I agree that our justice system give convicts too many second chances and rights even after some of the most unspeakable crimes and were left to be victims of their idiocy. This case pisses me off to no end and will do all I can to participate in encouraging our damn poliixal heads that change needs to happen.

  5. Oh and then AFTER the general population is done with them…then they should DIE in the electric chair

  6. from the way this precious child’s body language, (her knees and
    ankles held tightly together, you know….she knows what is about
    to happen to her….when i hold my grandchildren, they always
    just dangle their little legs….she is precious, she is in heaven…
    and i my mind cannot wrap itself around the fact that there is such evil in this world….and it seems to be happening more and
    more…..the lord bless you and keep you shaniya and those who
    loved you and tried to protect you….the pics of her looking so
    pretty speaks volumes of how much her REAL family loved and
    adored her…..

    • I can’t get this picture of her out of my mind of that monster holding her while she is looking up at the elevator. She has already been sodomised by that animal probably at her bitch mother’s home. I look at that child’s face and I love her and hurt in my heart for her and it is too late to save her from what happened to her. Those animals have to die. If I could kill them myself I would. I don’t know how her daddy isn’t trying to get to the bitch and bastard to kill them himself. Words can’t express the sorrow I feel for this baby girl.

      • You bring up a good question that I have been asking myself about her daddy…
        his reaction does not seem ‘natural’ to me, and he does not come off all that Christian either,
        so I wonder what exactly is going on with him…
        I hope the investigation is still active…

  7. I am so disgusted with this sorry ass justice system in this country. WHY are these vermin AD and MAM and others involved still breathing? I agree with you doral. Such evil in this world, and vile monsters that not only think of, but do such heinous harm to children. God Bless Shaniya our Angel. I hope to God He came and rescued from the pain before you suffered.
    I cry when I think of how her little body was discarded like trash amongst deer carcasses.. What kind of monster would do that to an innocent child? Not even animals do that.

  8. Shouldn’t front desk hotel clerks be aware that a man with local ID carrying a child in November without shoes on is suspect in and of itself. The Sanford Hotel is almost an hour from Fayetteville so why did the hotel call Fayetteville Police who responded. Could the Sanford Police/Sheriff have responded sooner? The first story was her mom’s 911 call and a neighbor who reported hearing a noise and a blanket full of feces found in neighbor’s trash can. The child’s blanket full of feces indicates she was sodomized in her own home with Mom present. If hotel clerks are better trained on what to look for – a quick 911 call to local law enforcement might have saved Shaniya perhaps. Much is SAID – Litte is DONE to protect children in the USA. I can’t get this story out of my brain. Something very wrong with the way it was handled, but can’t put my finger on it. Her Dad gave her back to Mom for weeks and knowing Mom had drug issues; BUT Dad never went back once to check up on his child. That’s disturbing. There is no fit punishment for these monsters – McNeill should die the way Shaniya died ….

  9. Texasyella — Fayetteville could not wait to drop this story from the media. BRAC is coming to town. The mayor only talks about the good things done. The fact is last year Fayetteville NC was named the 3rd Worst Place in the USA to Raise a Family in. The crime rates here are extremely high. Just after Shaniya’s story it was reported that North Carolina is a “prime destination for human trafficking” and one of the reasons is a high military presence. Then the whole issue was dropped. The accused are safely secured in a prison. I imagine they will seek a change of venue. They are enjoying the benefits of having been taken out of the public eye for their own safety, 100% medical care, and free lawyers. How odd is it that in the USA, only people in prisons have a ‘constitutional right’ to health care? How odd is it that they are in prison for their own safety? A town’s image is at stake and it hurts my brain that that is more important than Shaniya Davis. NC is a Prime Destination for Human Trafficking but only one story reported in 2009. Oddly enough, neither the Governor, NC Atty General, Mayor, or any official displayed any horror or even spoke of sorrow for little Shaniya Davis. My personal feeling is that is due to her ethnicity. Her case was a blight on the city and the state and had to be taken out of the limelight so they can talk about what a great place this is. BRAC is coming to town soon with 37 Generals and a huge entourage of troops and employees.

  10. I agree w Myrak prev comments; this story faded oh so very quickly off the rader screen. I want to know if they found out anymore details about how this happen. Why they ( the authorities) weren’t able to get this mother to tell right then where her daug was. They knew imedaitely she was lying. Both McNeil and the so called mother both should be fryed together in the same electric chair if possible. Shanya was a beautiful little girl who did not desever such an horrible death. May god take her right to Heaven.

  11. I will say this; i think there is more to this story too. But remember the Bible says these things will come to pass, in the last days. We need to pray to God in Heaven to save us all from the evil we see consuming this Fallen World.

  12. As time passes, is there a thought that the memory of Shaniya Davis will fade and could Mario McNeill or Antoinette Davis have a shot at BONDING OUT OF PRISON due to overcrowding? A bit off the subject, but Ft Bragg Soldier Patino who allegedly murdered Spec Megan Touma and his unborn child (7 months old fetus) is not going to face the death penality and today his lawyers were working on getting him BOND. Charged with 1st Degree Murder and getting out of jail on BOND??? Used to be there was no bond for first degree murder. Baby Lauterbach was ready to be born before being murdered in the womb along with his Mommy. I don’t think Marine Cpl Cesar Laurean was allowed to BOND out of jail, but could he be later? Where does NC draw the line? And WHY is the NCGenAssbly so successful at keeping HN 890 from even being heard? They have zero intention of even considering the murder of a fetus a separate murder. It is worrisome to find out that the NC GenAssbly failed to pass HB 890 making killing a fetus (unborn child) a homicide crime. NC is one of abouat 15 states that does not recognize fetus homicide as a seperate crime. Not a crime, no autopsy, no death certificate, no obituary…

    Who decides which First Degree Murderer deserves BOND and which ones don’t? Is it possible that Shaniya Davis rapist, murderer, and Mom who sold her into sex trafficking could get BOND? Just a thought.

  13. Whether Mario or the mother of Shaniya go to prison or return to the streets for whatever reason they both are a walking target. If Mario is allowed bond or whatever, which will not happen, he will be killed before trial date. He may be better off on death row because the prison has to protect him. Out here in these streets Mario have noone to protect him. More than likely he’ll be put in solitary. They should release him and see how long he’ll last in these streets. He won’t make it a week before he’ll be killed.

  14. […] at the hands of her terrible crack addled mother Antoinette Davis and her pedophile cocaine dealer Mario McNeill. Unlike Shaniya,the child in Saginaw was not murdered by her adult sexual molester, and lived to […]

  15. no eye for eye what comes around goes around he will be all alone for the rest of his days of life.just like she “s not breathing air he”s not either.just the thought being locked up an to no people no what you did,that should be really never no what could happen to you in there.i hope his family does not support him i would”t if he was mine.that would be the cut off from me if he was my child.if he did it to her what about his bro”s sisters,nieces and nephews.shame.shame.just let him go slowly in prison he will have a long,long time not to forget.if i think eye for eye then i being just like him a murderer.cause he did’t think he did it.we would i hope not put ourselves in situations like he did cause we would think first.

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