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The KKK and Wal-Mart in Memphis join forces and support a 15 year sentence for cutting in line down in Dixieland…

Heather Ellis racially motivated over-prosecution in Dixie

Heather Ellis racially motivated over-prosecution in Dixie

Another year in America, and another slew of racially motivated, manipulated and biased application of the laws.Why am I not surprised that a small southern town in the South could over prosecute a crime that generally only garners a slap on the wrist, and a stern talking to.

Our ugly American tradition of prosecuting black people at a level that is akin to def-con 4, for minor offenses that statistically only net a very minor and negligible fine, has got to either stop, or be exposed to the world as a crime against humanity.

If it is proven to be the case in any prosecution, especially this one, then we as people should demand that it is stopped now.

If not now…when.

This latest case of unfair prosecution would be laughable if it were not actually happening.

The AP is reporting that nearly three years after Heather Ellis switched checkout lines at a southeast Missouri store and touched off what she calls a racially charged dispute with white customers and authorities, the young black schoolteacher faces a trial that could send her to prison for 15 years.

15 years for cutting in line is as ridiculous as it is over-reaching.This is what happens to black women and men in the south as a tradition.If you go there, all the southern states, state flags are just a slightly altered versions of the racist Confederate flag, because they still admire and aspire to be just like their Civil war ancestors.

The KKK has joined forces with the local police department in the small southern country town,Kennett,Missouri-which is about a two-hour drive from Memphis,Tennessee, by inserting racism  in to the story when Ellis was handed KKK cards from a Kennett police officer warning her about her actions.

[picapp src=”a/1/0/f/Ku_Klux_Klan_f55e.jpg?adImageId=7626932&imageId=5353676″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

The cards from the kkkowardly kkkops stated, “You’ve just been paid a social visit by the Ku Klux Klan; the next visit will not be social.” The officer claims that he only showed the family the cards to make them aware of the situation.

Since that time, and after a dramatic plea for support, people have come to help Heather.

My question is…what is the situation that they are alluding too?…and what are the police doing promoting the Ku Klux Klan? This is a rhetorical question, as I know the answer, which is that southern cops, like a lot of police officers here in America, prefer to kill, destroy and abuse black people, since they no longer have the right to do so, ever since President Lincoln beat their weak Confederation of rebel states, and freed the slaves.

In the 60’s the government stepped in and ended the institutionalized segregation, that was much harsher than Apartheid, but similar, known as the Jim Crow laws, which was in fact, a de facto system of slavery and segregation that caused a lot of our black American citizens to be viciously murdered by mobs of white Klan members and their supporters down south, without the fear of legal retaliation, or prosecution of any kind.

The Jim Crow laws were enforced by the police departments, and the local fathers, in these small country towns, up until the time of John F. Kennedywrote the Civil Rights Bills, and signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, who grew up in a small southern town in Texas, and was well versed on the murderous contempt that the local police always hold for black perpetrators who were always falsely accused of a crime they did not commit.

We all must remember that only a mere 35 years ago, a black man could be legally hanged from a tree until he/she was dead, for simply looking a white man or woman in the eyes. The law was called malicious eyeballing, and was the main reason why the white politicians from the southern states wanted to maintain states rights.

Simply put, they did not want the federal government preventing them from killing and unfairly incarcerating our people with unreasonable jail sentences for minor offenses like what they are attempting to do in this case with Heather.

The Academy Award winning movie ”Sounder” was about such a case of over prosecution.

It follows the lives of an impoverished southern black family that made a living by sharecropping, which was just an extension of slavery,but was patterned after indentured servitude in the Jim Crow south.

The premise of the story shows what happens to a black family down south in Louisiana,when the father is imprisoned for stealing pig meat and chicken out of hunger and desperation, the boy still hungers for an education which was illegal to get if you happened to be black.

Any black man who let it be found out that he/she could read and write, were summarily executed by a white mob of killers.

It is still their main goal, but they are willing to infiltrate the police departments and the judicial system down south, as they have done there for centuries.

The facts in the case are in dispute.Prosecutors say Heather cut in line, and then when called out for it, she caused a major disturbance at the store.The police say that words were exchanged between Heather and the customer she allegedly cut in front of, and that groceries were pushed to the side.

No fighting occurred as reported, and Heather paid and proceeded to leave. In Los Angeles a similar exchange that did have a physical element to it led to the death of Latasha Harlins, before the officers arrived, so Ellis was wise to leave the store at this point.

When the police showed up, they took only the words of the white patron and store employee, and started to question and detain Heather.

She was upset at this time, and answered the cops with a retort that they did not like, but they have not reported that she verbalized a terrorist threat at all. What I do know of cops, is that they like to put black people back in our places, as we all witnessed via the Rodney King beating video.

Basically, they did not like what she said or did, and given that their grandfathers would have just strung her up to a tree, they could not let it go with a simple disturbing the peace ticket.

Nathaniel Ellis, Heather’s father, says that’s not true, and that his daughter was the one called racial slurs by a store clerk and officers, which seems more believable than a black women down south, and from the south, would do, rather than risk getting murdered by a racist cop.

It is a good story, since most people down south that are not black, are predisposed to believe the most racist and vile stereotypes of our people that they have created without any basis in the truth.

“They just indict her and launch an all-out attack to destroy her character and assassinate her future” says Ellis. “This is her choice, not to admit fault in an area where she hasn’t done anything and so we’re standing by her.

Ellis maintains she was merely joining her cousin, whose checkout line was moving more quickly. She claimed in a written complaint to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People that she was then pushed by a white customer, hassled by store employees, called racial slurs and physically mistreated by Kennett police officers.

Police say in court documents that Ellis refused requests to calm down and leave the property, allegedly kicking one’s shin and splitting another’s lip. Her trial on charges of assaulting police officers, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace began today, Wednesday in Dunklin County Circuit Court.

Hundreds of protestors showed up and held a rally at the courthouse that was answered by a Klan rally.

“There’s nothing that I could imagine that could’ve happened in the walls of that Wal-Mart that justifies this young woman, this Pastor’s daughter with no criminal record and on her way to medical school, going to prison for 15 minutes, let alone 15 years” says Dr. Boyce Watkins, a Professor at Syracuse University in the North.

Ellis’ family says they have been threatened by the Ku Klux Klan since speaking publicly about Heather’s case. They’ve asked the U.S. Department of Justice to get involved.

Again, I am not surprised that a black woman down south is being subjected to this malicious prosecution, but is a good example of the level of hatred that many of our white citizens and leaders have for African-Americans.

In this case, the KKK along with the judicial system in that small Missouri town are once again using the criminal justice system as a way to rid themselves of what they perceive to be the continuing problem brought on by the freeing of the black slave system that they financially benefitted from for so many years.

Do not let them get away with it, and step up to free Heather and protect our beautiful African-American queens, or we should be ashamed to call ourselves men. To help her out,click the link…

To read more on this case , click on the links below…

12 Responses to “The KKK and Wal-Mart in Memphis join forces and support a 15 year sentence for cutting in line down in Dixieland…”

  1. Why did she cut in line? Why didnt she just cooperate with the store and the police? Is she one of those african americans that hate white ppl so much she thinks the rules dont apply to her?
    What would happen if she was white in a black neiborhood and she acted that way? Maybe shes the racist here? Black ppl tend to think whites owe them something..well, we dont. Follow the rules and be kind and it will be returned to you.

    • LOl!How would you actually know what black people think, outside of your assumptions?LOL…You show here by that comment that you are just as prejudiced as any other bigoted person out there by making such an unsubstantiated comment, so that makes you an authority on how and what it is to be a racist to the core.It’s no surprise that you would have sympathy for the devil!Just be honest, you despise ALL black people-PERIOD!LOl…simply because we are black!
      Too funny and ironic!LOL…

  2. Absolute crap! I read what transpired and this woman was belligerent and rude to the point of having to be escorted from a store. It would have happened to any race that acted as she did. You should be concerned with what she is teaching in school.

    She didn’t get 15 years.

    Police have been known to drag pregnant white women from their cars and throw them on the ground if they want to wait until after they go pee to produce a drivers license.

    It isn’t a race thing, but perhaps excessive use of force.

    This “schoolteacher” used excessive force to get her own way. Very childish.

    • A grown person should never use the word ‘crap’ for any reason,because that is rude to a lot of people…and can lead to an unnecessary misunderstanding.I think you mean to say that you simply do not agree with the premise of this very old article on my blog, which is acceptable.
      Could it be that the woman and the store employees were engaged in a similar disagreement that got out of hand, and the fact that black people are looked down upon here in America as being criminals and trash anyway, the store managers were quick to call in the authorities, unnecessarily.
      Most establishments are ran by the rule that the customer is always right, and that one should never “argue” with a paying customer?We have all seen biligerant customers of all races at establishments, and as rude or as demanding as they can be, it was never elevated to an argument where the authorities are called in, as happened down in this southern town,that has a history of hating black people?Coincidence..possibly,..or simply unprofessional behavior tarnished with a heavy dose of racism, will create a situation that gets out of hand, and it is simply the unprofessionalism and racism that is intrinsic to the south that creates a willingness by the local authorities to use excessive force on a female customer, who happens to be the race that they hate down there in Dixie.
      It is racism that is driving you to side with your kind, and the store employees and the cops were also predisposed to believe the customer was at fault, because they hate black people anyway, and most of these haters believe we are at fault for existing, so any little snide comment to you racist is a good reason to beat down and imprison a black person.Just like what happened to Oprah Winfrey in the movie “A Color Purple”…same old same old good ole American racism and hatred of black people.

      • Well, then I’ll just say “Oh horse hockey!”

        You must be a young seasoned journalists that was educated by watching movies.

        Not too long ago I was in the western US where racism isn’t as much an issue as it is in the south-bar illegals-when someone appeared to be cutting in line at the local Wal-Mart. A black woman (is that correct) said something to me about it. I told her I didn’t mind and was in no hurry. She said she was going to ‘snatch her bald;’ of she did cut line. As it turned out, she wanted to ask an employee a question not related to why we were in line.

        This black woman should have known better especially if she is a teacher. She was the one that was rude and it doesn’t surprise me she married a cop. I can always tell when women are threatening in my area that they are married to someone with authority and little or no power. And, yes, they come in all colors.

      • LOl!…I am not young, I am not a journalist..but you are close, I write movies, and lately a lot of TV shows..(and I live in Southern California, the west!LOL..), but I get that you want to insult me a bit, which is very classy of you my dear.
        Generally if i disagree with a person, i just respectfully agree to disagree with them, but unless the person has insulted me personally, i see no need to lower myself and insult them for no reason.I know we are all different,…but the insults do not strengthen your points at all whatsoever, and again,it only leads to a misunderstanding, which is what happened in this Wal-Mart case.
        I feel a tinge of hatred and disrespect for African Americans, and contempt from you, which predisposes your feelings towards us as being at fault in ALL cases, and I doubt if you are being honest, you could put together an argument based on your past determinations of us that would attest to you ever thinking we were not at fault.Right?
        So, using that as a given, your world view of African Americans is that we are trash, so I just consider the source, and can only look at you and your “kind” as a shining example of the problem at hand here in America…a lot of white people truly hate us, and support any effort or action that hurts and damages us.
        ..oh well!…thanks for the comments!

      • You write movies? Hand scripts to actors? Great! Good for you! You must be famous!

        I am not against blacks and if you are that easily insulted you should join forces with former female prosecutors that are offended when someone declares they aren’t a size two.

        Someone in my area writes movies, too. I was just sitting staring out the window when I saw a famous blogger drive by. Not sure of what I’d just seen, I referred back to its blog. Sure enough, it was it. It had posted photos of their storm chasing rides on their blog. Fast machines. They no longer put those engines in anything but those machines. I always feared my old sled would be chopped down to produce one of those.

        A glitch in the matrix. Weird. I saw the feds just yesterday. I thought you were supposed to see the glitch before the feds. Someone took the wrong pill I assume.

      • It’s just a good gig, nothing more nothing less.I get to pay my mortgage, feed my family, send my kids to school etc…unfortunately, all my time goes to that now, so i have not been available to update the blog here, so when you started to comment on a article that is two years old?!?…my curiosity was piqued.
        As far as fame, who cares?…just as long as I am famous to my family and banker and the checks clear, that’s really all that matters my dear.
        Again…you come with the insults, so at this point, i have to assume that is just your style of communication,..which as in this Wal-Mart case, when personalities are that base, misunderstandings may happen.
        I don’t feel entitled to believe my point of view, or world view gives me the right to insult anybody for holding an opposing point of view, as I am not burdened with the “white superiority complex”, like you, so I undoubtedly see that you feel that white superiority is above human superiority.
        Oh well…
        A lot of what you said in that last comment was obtuse and cryptic, so it did not communicate your points effectively, but I do get that you do not agree with my opinion here, and there you have it!LOl..but you do make a point to passively aggressively call us “Blacks” when you know we prefer the term “African-Americans”, which I know you despise, so,you are the one lobbing the insults, but I will pass on lowering myself and throwing one back at you.That will help no one.
        You just stand as a prime example of Americas love of racism and hatred towards minorities…you certainly have NO RESPECT for any race outside of white people, and applaud evil and pain targeted at African-Americans.

      • My humblest apologies. I had no idea Californians were that sensitive,because I am such an asshole. I stumbled upon your blog looking for the newest resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan they are trying to get going in Memphis again. This time they are recruiting dickheads like me. I am attracted to assholes like myself Lol!

        As for me, I hate niggers.
        If you like videos, perhaps this will explain the situation. I worship this girls line of thinking:

      • ..Again you resort to insults, so I just got to KKKonsider the source.
        Hope you had fun, but now I have to get back to life.You need to get one…

      • Understood. Where I live most work undercover for some cause or the other. Fighting crime and becoming superheros is their number one goal. That and teaching what most people already know. We have plenty of African Americans with attitude, too.

        This crime fighter may be involved in something highly toxic and highly illegal. This may affect African Americans as well.

        I saw them drive by earlier. They stalk. They rob. They disrupt people’s lives and threaten their friends and families for asinine reasons. Soon thereafter I heard a diesel engine start. A construction truck had been parked in front of a house where no one is at currently.

        These people have no talent of their own. They steal from others. They stalk, terrorize, and threaten. They recruit members of other races to do the same within their own community. They troll records looking for people to jump into their agendas like gang members.

        They operate in other states. The main reason I was concerned with the new and improved KKK is because I know how these people operate.

        Being from a redneck area myself, I was never around African Americans and never witnessed what others from large cities have. I haven’t chosen a cause because these people are trouble makers for their own gain. So now, I’m going to have to kill off Earl to prove their intimidation works:

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