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Suspected Intersex South African Female Sprinter Caster Semenya keeps Gold medal, Sex test results remain a secret

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The AP in Johannesburg reports that the South African sports ministry says 800 world champion Caster Semenya will keep her gold medal.

Caster Semenya has been under humiliating public scrutiny for several months now, when it was made public that the gold medal winning world champion female runner was suspected of having been born with male sex organs and had an unusual amount of testosterone for an actual woman.

Caster was forced to take a gender test, and the alledged test results were leaked, and falsely reported internationally.The leaked results stated that Caster was rumored to have been proven to be a male, and a female at the same time.The report of the results were confusing at best.

The actual results of the gender test will remain closed and confidential, saving Caster from any more intimate public scrutiny,it is truly the right thing to do in this case.

The South African sports ministry pushed the IAAF to keep the recent gender test results strictly between patient and doctor. Once the IAAF agreed, the ministry announced today the confidentiality and urged South Africans and media to please respect Semenya’s privacy.

She will also be allowed to keep the prize money winnings she earned in August at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin in where she won the gold medal by blowing out the competition. That is where suspicion grew about her actual gender, based on her deep voice, and muscular build.

A quote reported in the Huffington Post explains the Caster Semenya’s gender qualifications test situation as follows….

She was tested for not being female enough even though the kind of conditions required to disqualify a self-identified girl from competing in boys sports are quite extreme. In fact, according to the IAAF‘s own policy document on gender verification (2006), women can compete even if they are genetically male:

Conditions that should be allowed: (a) Those conditions that accord no advantage over other females:
– Androgen insensitivity syndrome (Complete or almost complete – previously called testicular feminization);
– Gonadal dysgenesis (gonads should be removed surgically to avoid
– Turner’s syndrome.

As well, athletes who choose to have sex changes are permitted to continue to compete in sport as long as they have completed a mandatory number of months in hormone therapy…

I did not know that there were rules that governed intersex athletes in international sports, but, given that they do exist, and some may excel in sports, I think that the International Sports authorities have shown some proactive leadership in specifying the qualifications for the intersex athlete around the world.

The official ruling clears Caster Semenya and the South African Sports association of any wrongdoing, or malicious intent, like the violations of doping and steroid abuse that seems to be so prevalent among international athletes covering a wide range of sports.

I personally look forward to Caster continuing in her chosen field of sport, and I am sure that she will continue to set new world records, and represent her country well in the coming Olympics, should she choose to compete.

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For more information on the life and times of world champion runner Caster Semenya, please follow this link…

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8 Responses to “Suspected Intersex South African Female Sprinter Caster Semenya keeps Gold medal, Sex test results remain a secret”

  1. I’m stunned by the ignorance displayed on this blog. Ms Semenya, trangendered? Exactly how did she get to earn that label?

    Is she some kind of cross-dresser? She doesn’t show the slightest sign of wanting to change her anatomical sex – ruling out transsex, so how did possible biological diversity in her anatomical and/or reproductive sex get turned into a gender role issue.

    Honestly I can admire and agree with your conclusions. But calling her transgender: BLAH!

    • Duly noted.
      I got that information from a press release directly from the South African Athletic council,sooo…..????
      Calling me ignorant is interesting…I would say that is a stretch, but whatever.

      Tell me what should we all call the sexual identification here, since you seem to know?
      I got your insult,…but you failed to inform or correct me, which some would say is ignorant, but I am sure you were just caught up
      in your little insult of me, that you may have forgotten to inform me, so I van correct the mistake, and pass that on to my readers and sources.
      I assure you if it is incorrect, which is not what was on the official press release, then it should be corrected.

      I certainly would like to benefit from your knowledge….

      • Jerry, my apologies:

        What is the correct term for Ms Semenya?

        Intersex – if her reproductive biology is in some way compromised or mixed between male and female so she has physical characteristics of both sexes then intersex.

        Try this URL
        and go wherever the links take you.

        Transsexual/ transsexed, experiencing a sense of wrongful embodiment from the earliest years of life and a desire to change their anatomical sex as adults. Many transsexuals resist and resent the use of ‘transgender,’ to define them.

        Try this URL
        and go where the links take you.

        Transgender, (TG) basically means changing gender roles or exhibiting gender role behaviors or behavioral characteristics usually associated with the sex opposite that of the individual.

        There are countless TG sites out there. Most claim to represent intersexed and transexed individuals.

        Where does Caster Semenya fit? Quite possibly nowhere. Its highly likely that she is a fully functional female with some physical male characteristics that fall short of making her intersex.

        For example its not at all uncommon for young males to develop breasts at puberty. (Male Gynaecomastia in adolescence) They are not considered intersex, though by most people’s standards breasts are a female attribute.

        She shows no indications of wanting to alter her anatomical sex characteristics. Ergo: she is not transsexed, at least until she states otherwise.

        There are no indications that she feels uncomfortable in the gender role of her own culture, or when fitting herself into the behavioral expectations of European gender roles. Ergo: she is not transgendered, at least until she states otherwise.

        We will likely never know what the results of the recent tests have indicated. In any case they were to determine her sex status, not her learned social and cultural gender role.

        If you want to learn more about the sex-gender distinction, try here:

        Once again I apologize if my comments gave offence. You are quite right. We all have room to learn.

        Cheers 🙂

      • Hey Joanne, thanks for the links and the info…
        I will change the wording in the article to “Intersex” because that more likely fits the situation than transgender…

        You have just helped a lot of people with this info…and the links I am going to have to study up on.
        I hesitated originally from using the word “hermaphrodite” because it sounded like one of those old terms that
        may have fallen out of favor.
        I glad you wrote in, because now I can use the correct term .I get that we may never know for sure, but if I use this term, and some read it,then
        they may be able to get that it is not totally conclusive,at least that is my hope.
        No offense taken,but given your explanation I can see where you are coming from.
        Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks for the correction.

    Most people have no idea Intersex conditions exist. Those of us who are Intersexed don’t feel any more comfy discussing our genital configuration for public edification than does anyone else.

    Joanne’s URLs do an excellent job of covering the issues.

    • Thank you Zoe!…I read the sites she linked to here last night,and I was very enlightened.
      I learned a lot…and I just feel great about this knowledge.

      I never met a real rocket scientist before…and your blog is great…good articles as well.
      Take care!

  3. End the two-gender split for athletic competitions. Women and men should compete in the SAME competitions. Sports shouldn’t be about who is the most athletic man and who is the most athletic woman. It should be about who is most athletic– period.

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