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Depressed Dad Who Falsely Accused Michael Jackson of Molesting his son,…is Done!

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Evan Chandler has finally learned that chickens always come home to roost.

In life he was never forced to answer his crime of extortion and slander that he committed on the late King of Pop, when he forced his son to lie about an alledged molestation that Michael Jackson had committed on him.

He accepted a financial payment of 15 million dollars to settle the case of sexual molestation, which proved to me that it was all a lie, designed to extort money from the king of pop, because really people….who does that.

There is no father on the planet earth that settles a sexual molestation case for any amount of money for a crime against his own child, and if they do, that should be criminal.

It all never happened, and from all reports,the karma that was visited upon this family for this graft against Michael Jackson, destroyed their family, rightly so.

I believe that they earned all the disdain and contempt from the world, for this criminal act.

Evan Chandler,65,the father of a boy who accused Michael Jackson of child molestation, Jordan ‘Jordy’ Chandler has been found dead in an apparent suicide.

The Beverly Hills dentist a Jersey City official said Chandler was found in bed with a single gunshot wound to his head. He was still holding the gun when the body was found. He took his own worthless life,which is the most honorable thing this criminal could have done.

A source confirmed the death, which occurred on Nov. 5.

Police said it does not appear that he left behind a suicide note.

Evan Chandler reported Jackson to authorities in 1993, claiming that the singer had abused his son Jordan, then 13. Jordan repeated the accusations to a psychologist, sparking a criminal investigation.

 Chandler and his son settled out of court for a reported $15 million and never publicly discussed the case.

The former dentist and aspiring screenwriter had several cosmetic procedures, rendering him virtually unrecognizable from the way he looked since the Jackson matter, a family source said as reported in the New York Post.

It is said that Evan Chandler looked like a botoxed version of a young Rob Lowe in the body of a 65  year old. I hear that he truly had a shocking bad plastic surgery look to his messed up face. Some have said he looked ridiculous.

Who knows maybe he wanted more than Michael Jackson’s money, it looks like he tried to copy what was perceived by the public as an addiction to plastic surgery that left him unrecognizable as well, but at least he was a star entertainment, this extortionist had no excuse but his mental instability.

His son did not want have anything to do with him, because he is ashamed and knows that the world hates him for lying about Michael Jackson in such an unseemly way. His dad masterminded the whole set-up of lies, because he was mad at his ex-wife, and wanted to punish her as much as possible.

The dad should have been incarcerated for child abuse and extortion a long time ago, now it’s too late.

Jordan Chandler claimed his dad attacked him with a dumbbell weight and got a restraining order against his dad in fall 2006.

The boy, now 29, has never spoken publicly about the case. In recent years, Jordan has reconnected with his mother — about the same time he and dad Evan had a massive falling out, sources said.

It looks like to me Evan Chandler did not want to have anything to do with himself as well.

Let it be known that there will be no city shut down, no throngs of mourning fans, and no billion dollar cottage industry developed in your honor to continue your legacy of love, caring, sharing, or musical genius.

No, your passing will not even be a significant moment in even the life of your children, because you have doomed them to a life of disrespect from their fellow man…because of your evil deeds.

You sold you families life for a mere fifteen million dollars, and I hope you were thinking about that when you pulled that trigger, sending that bullet through your brain.

I call it Karma. I just Michael Jackson had not been murdered by his doctor so he could have seen the downfall of this devil that haunted him with assistance of a rogue Santa Barbara District Attorney.

Everyone connected with the MJ false trial has ended up badly, and I am certain the same will happen for the DA  as well…time will only tell.

Now I think Jordan Chandler should man up and tell the truth.

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2 Responses to “Depressed Dad Who Falsely Accused Michael Jackson of Molesting his son,…is Done!”

  1. Karma sounds right to me!


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