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On Animation With Jerry Brice Interview By David Feldman-Comedian

David Feldman Cartoon by David Feldman-Comedian

On Animation With Jerry Brice.

David Feldman interviewed me last week for his podcast, about my knowledge and experience in the animation business. David Feldman is a producer and collaborator of mine, and is an Emmy award-winning writer,stand up comedian, and highly sought after writer for all the major comedians…and he has bad hair plugs,but what would I know about that. He is the principal behind Studio33.Tv and an avid animation enthusiast, and he is pretty good at it himself. If he comes to a stand up club in your town, make sure that you do not miss him.In the meantime, subscribe to his hilarious…sometimes…podcast. Seriously,he is very funny…lol.

Jerry Brice is an animator, artist, director, writer, producer and teacher. He’s worked for Disney, MTV, Mike Judge, Motown, and countless animation houses for the past 25 years. In today’s discussion he shares his insight on what it takes to be a great animator. NOT TO BE MISSED…check out some of his animation and directing work by clicking the link below.

The homegirl Rain Pryor delivers a funny monologue to start things off, so make sure you check it out before my interview, she is truly proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

David and I are teaming up for more animated political gags, and some overall animated mayhem…so stay tooned.

We got big surprises in store for all of you….

[picapp src=”b/0/4/c/7th_Annual_QVCs_cfb6.jpg?adImageId=7578616&imageId=2251942″ width=”234″ height=”343″ /]

One Response to “On Animation With Jerry Brice Interview By David Feldman-Comedian”

  1. Sorry, but the link has been taken down to make room for some more great comedic insight…such as it is.

    Looks like I will have to go ahead and book another interview so I can talk more shop!

    If you animate like this:
    …then please stop!

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