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Len tells Mya…’Tutti Fruiti Oh What a Booty’ as she tops Dancing With the Stars semifinals

Mya is a perfect 1o on 'DWTS' with Dmitry

Mya is a perfect 1o on 'DWTS' with Dmitry

Mya has totally won over judge Len Goodman, who had been a consistent harsh critic of the pop and R and B star singer.

Tonight on the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ semifinals she danced away with his heart and mind as she scored an almost perfect 87 our of 90 points from the judges for the three dances she performed with her professional dance partner, Dmitry Chaplin, besting all of the other fabulous stars in this season’s competition, and they are all formidable, so she better not slack off or let it go to her head.

I would say that the model Joanna Krupa is in second place, Kelly Osbourne is in third place, and Donny Osmond is in fourth. This was also reflected in the judges scores for tonight’s performances.

Sexy Joanna Krupa will be on the cover on the December Playboy issue, which I will run to the store to get a copy to review. She has a compelling family background and biography which we got to see tonight.

Her sister is also a beautiful woman as well.That seems to run in the family.

It is amazing to see how humble Mya has been throughout the competition, and tonight we got a chance to get a glimpse of her mother and father, and to see a little about her background.It was an impressive story, and from a young age, Mya has been very focused with developing her talents.

She has put in a lot of hard work, and we are seeing the results of that work, by her performance in this competition.

Mya’s and Dimitry’s salsa was the standout dance of the evening.

There was a lot of precision of passion in her salsa performance, and it featured a very hot solo number that lit the stage on fire.It was the only memorable solo performance of the evening. I suggest watching this performance on-line if you missed it, Mya is built for this classic Latin dance.

Judge Len Goodman declared that he was disapointed….disapointed that it did not go on longer.

His next line will be the most memorable comment from a judge this season, topping even Bruno, which is hard to do.

Before giving the Salsa performance a 10, he told Mya …”Tutti Fruiti, oh what a Booty”,…and the ”I could not keep my eyes off of it”…

I don’t blame him, because he was expressing exactly what I was feeling. Mya is a smart and charming young lady,but ,just keeping it real…the girl is hot and it does not hurt to look.

I am looking at her the same way Len is, and I will keep on looking. I just won’t say it out loud.

Mya and Dimitry’s salsa netted a perfect score of 30 out of 30 points.

Hopefully, they will give us a repeat performance of the  dance on Tuesdays results show, it is truly worth repeating.

Make sure you tune in to the results show on Tuesday, as Alicia Keyes and Leona Lewis are scheduled to perform, so if you are like me, I am trying to see Mya, Alicia Keyes, and Leona Lewis all in the same evening.

Thank you ‘DWTS’ producers for another night of quality entertainment that truly speaks to me. Someone on your staff really understands my personal taste,and it is dead on accurate.

Call in and support team Myayou know you love her like I do….

To vote for Mya, call: 1-800-868-3411

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