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Sugar Shane Mosley Set to Knock out Undefeated Andre Berto on Jan.30th

[picapp src=”e/3/e/2/Shane_Mosley_And_abda.jpg?adImageId=7468449&imageId=7047499″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

Golden Boy promotions announced today, the day that we will all witness Manny Pacquiao fight Cotto in Las Vegas, that a fight between Sugar Shane Mosley and Andre Berto will take place on January 30th at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Berto (25-0, 19 KOs), the WBC welterweight champ will face his toughest opponent when he steps to Shane Mosley (46-5-0, 39 KOs), the WBA welterweight title holder,who last knocked out Antonio Margarito last Jan. 24th, even though Margarito had illegal plaster cast cemented into his gloves.

Margarito lost his welterweight belt that night, and has been suspended from the sport for a year.He should have been charged with a crime, because hitting someone on their head with a plaster cast is like striking  them with brass knuckles, which could kill a human being.

Golden Boy Promotions will co-promote the fight with Lou Dibella Promotions. It will be shown on HBO. No pay per view.

Berto is a talented fighter, but I predict that Shane will knock him out, as  Pacquiao will do to Cotto tonight, no disrespect to Cotto or his fans….so if you disagree, comment here and let me know.

I recommend that you all watch the fight, because both are action packed fighters.

So, before the fight tonight between Cotto and Pac man Pacquiao…let me know what your prediction is,and after the fight,if I am right, or wrong,sound off here.Who knows,maybe I need to stick to politricks…

[picapp src=”e/8/2/a/Manny_Pacquiao_v_576f.jpg?adImageId=7468808&imageId=7043086″ width=”380″ height=”280″ /]

[picapp src=”5/5/1/f/Manny_Pacquiao_v_ac0d.jpg?adImageId=7469125&imageId=7042404″ width=”234″ height=”162″ /]

[picapp src=”2/b/c/f/Manny_Pacquiao_v_4b6a.jpg?adImageId=7469134&imageId=7042403″ width=”234″ height=”310″ /]

[picapp src=”e/d/5/4/Shane_Mosley_And_9458.jpg?adImageId=7469155&imageId=7047793″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

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