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NBA’S New Orleans Hornets Fire Their Coach LA Laker star Byron Scott

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The New Orléans Saints football team has been doing so well, and I have been amazed and happy for ex-San Diego Charger Drew Brees, and San Diego native and homeboy Reggie Bush, that I have not paid that much attention to their basketball team, the Hornets.

I know they have some great players, most notably Chris Paul, but I generally would wait until after football season to check out the other remote NBA squads whose names are not the Los Angeles Lakers.

I do not want my little cousins in New Orléans, Jefferson Parish,Slidell, and all the other counties that are associated with New Orléans to think I am tripping…I love my southern heritage, and I identify with my people all throughout the south, including Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana,I have not forgotten where I come from, like so many of us that moved out west so long ago that we can not remember.

In honor of my folks from New Orléans, I am sad to report that your team, the Hornets, have fired their head coach today, after only 9 games this season.

Scott had a  3-6  start to the season, and had lost  124-104 at Phoenix on Wednesday .

The AP is reporting that…when Scott took over as coach following the 2003-04 season, he was the Hornets’ third coach in three seasons. He was the NBA coach of the year in 2008, when Chris Paul led the Hornets to a 56-26 record. That season, the Hornets beat Dallas in the opening round of the playoffs before losing to San Antonio in the seventh game of their Western Conference semifinal series.

The Hornets have announced that the former Laker star will be replaced by  General Manager Jeff Bower.

Owner George Shinn said in a statement that the move gives the Hornets the best opportunity “to reach our goals this season.”

The Hornets also announced that former New Orléans head coach Tim Floyd, who resigned as the USC coach before this season started, will be one of Bower’s top assistants.

I hope that Byron Scott comes back to the Los Angeles Lakers as a coaching assistant, so he can be in line to take over for Phil Jackson, who is being  paid $12 million this season, and has talked about wrapping up his career.

Phil Jackson has won his 10th NBA title ,passing Red Auerbach on the championship coaching list , and had gone through some health issues last season, that were resolved.

Let’s wait and see, and in the meantime, I wish the best for the Hornets’, Byron Scott, and the city of New Orléans.

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