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Gay Basher and solo sex star Carrie Prejean throws a fit on the Larry King show

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I was always taught by my parents to respect my elders, and I do not think that is too much to ask.Larry King is obviously an elder, and throughout his illustrious career as a broadcaster, he has earned the respect of his peers, and has developed millions of fans in the process.

Larry King wrote the book on interviewing celebrities, and as old as he is, he still attracts legions of young followers.

On Wednesday, our favorite gay bashing solo sex starring Christian advocate for morality,ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean, willingly accepted an invitation to be a guest on his show, so that he could interview her about her latest newsworthy scandal, and to promote her book on how she has been victimized in the media, simply because her Christianity demands of her to hate gay Americans, which to her,and her delusional misguided Christian financial supporters, is a noble cause.

A local minister, Miles Mcpherson of The Rock church in San Diego,, has been a high profile and visible cheerleader for this disturbed young woman, and he needs to cut his losses immediatley. The reality of Prejean and their relationship is a cautionary tale of bad intentions against humanity coming back to bite you.

She has absolutely no credibility as a Christian, and she clearly just wants to get paid.McPherson has foolishly sided with a devil, because his personal hatred for gay people, overshadows his duty to his parishoners to do a simple background check,and vet this person that he has put in front of the world as a representative of good traditional  God-like Christian values and morality.

I say he has a good excuse,because back in the day, he was a cocaine addict, and that drug has been proven to destroy brain cells, and they do not regenerate. Hopefully he has left all that behind him, but this is confusing.

His thousands of followers and fans of his brand of christianity, that professes hatred of people that do not share his religous edicts, and has solidly backed this train wreck of a beauty queen, should demand a fair and public accounting of any of his church financial assests that have been squandered on this lying sex star. is reporting today, that the ex-boyfriend of Carrie Prejean, who she allegedly gifted him with her masterbation text download,has come out to tell the world that he was asked by her to lie about her actual age that she was, when she made the XXX video.

Some failed Christians have attempted to halt the distribution of the sex scene by constructing a lie about Carrie’s age at the time, which they say was 17, to make it a crime to view it, because she was underage when she produced it.

Some even have alluded to me that if I did get an opportunity to see it, then I could be brought up on charges that are reprehensible.

Shame on them, beause that was another lie that Carrie got over on you.Their motivation is not to advance Christian morality via Carrie, but it is to save face, and to cover-up their hipocrasy.She was a legal adult when the tape was produced.

On the Larry King show, she got all upset when Larry asked her why she settled her case for no money against the Pageant organization.

She answered Larry by telling him it was an innapropriate question, and then she took her mike off, and began scolding Larry.

She must have known that she is not worthy of being on any show, unless we can talk about the sex tape.Notice she had no problem bashing gay people, but,….when it came to her sexual preference, she was having no part of it.

I applaud Larry for his in depth reporting, and his unwilligness to have her control what questions he asked her. He would immediatley loose credibility with his audience if he did not ask the newsworthy questions.

My question to Miles and all the rest of you fake false Christians…at what point do you repent for your sin of unleashing this nutjob on the world.

I know she is cute, but isn’t your credibility with the Christian crowd destroyed, because it certainly should be, if all things in life were fair and equal.

Being fair and equal with all people in our world, including all of my gay friends and yours, is the last Christian value you are interested in following.

Click on for more on the Carrie Prejean debacle….

Carries Pastor Gay Basher Miles McPherson

Carries Pastor Gay Basher Miles McPherson

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