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Women mainly need to read this article about the downside of Christian Dating from a mans perspective, and any other form of dating desperation… and leave me out of it

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For the past year, I have had strange encounters with a lot of random women that I happen to meet at the clubs, bars, and restaurants that I like to frequent in Los Angeles and San Diego.

I always go places by myself, or sometimes with my buddy’s, just to make it easier to mingle and meet new people in general. I avoid as much as possible, being in a highly social atmosphere on a date, because my experience with that has just meant that I will not enjoy myself, and I often sacrifice my good time so  that my date will not get all upset by my mingling, because in her mind she is my girlfriend.

I have even been on first dates with women that I hardly know, and she has gone out of her way to make me feel all uncomfortable by introducing me as a future prospect, because that is the last thing that is on my mind.

I am not your future husband, I just want to have a drink with you and go from there…

I never get a Halle Berry type trying to play me like that, and if I did,I probably would not mind, but she would have to be Halle Berry, and then I would be very clear with her about where I am coming from.

Halle, by the way, is just a couple of years younger than me, so I am not limiting myself to just the younger women, but, I have found that younger women do not have that ”marry me” or ”you are husband material” type of motivation when they hang out with me.

I hate it when someone has an ulterior motive concerning me, when it comes to developing a relationship with me, and I frankly do not want to have anything to do with some desperate females master plan.

I simply want to have some fun, relax, and have some good times. My clock is not ticking, and I love my freedom.

The last thing men need is another commitment they must make, instead of one that I want to make.

Some women are way too extreme with this whole dating issue, and when you through God, rules, age, and Christianity into the mix….it is that much more worst.

If you see me,and like me, God has not sent me to you.We just happened to be in the same place at the same time.

You are probably at some bar, or a club, frequented by young women that do not have an agenda to find their next husband there, rather we are all just trying to have fun.

Definetly not a church type of situation, and it is not illegal.

I now that any women that ask me about my marital status, is not the woman for me. If I was married, I would not be at a club or bar by myself, and I would be wearing a wedding ring, just like all the other married people.

So the question is disrespectful.What do you think I am doing there, if I was to say I was married.

In fact, do not even mention the word. Just kick back,lighten up, and prepare to have some fun, or move on to the next guy.

Chalk it all up to what I call an awkward conversation.

In discussing this with my confidasnte….Eddie Holly, who is an expert in this topic, he had some personal reflections for me, and suggested that I only speak to the women that I want to marry, which means to me like I am not going to be meeting a lot of women, and/or just dealing with the ones that want to have some fun in in-between,”Hi, how are you doing”….and ”when you going to ask me to marry you”…

Folks need to stop listening to Oprah and Steve Harvey, and check out this article on this subject by Stuart McDonald, that I found on-line.

It is called ”Five Reasons I Hate Dating Christians”.

Here is an excerpt from it…

1. Everything is about marriage. You can’t express any kind of interest in anyone without people immediately jumping to the “they’re going to get married” conclusion. Can we just take it one step at a time? I asked her if she’d like to have coffee, not if she wants to spend the rest of her life with me — I don’t even know her like that.

I know hate is a strong word here,but he means more like ”don’t like” in the context that it is used.

It reveals to women why some of these issues act like a repellant to single men of any age. We are not the problem, I am fine, and extremely happy, some of your hidden agendas are.

In closing, I just want to thank all the cool women in my life that do not hassle me about this innocuous stuff, but just want to get to know a brother, no strings attached. Mara,Mimi,Helen, etc. etc. I miss my friend Cerrissa, and as a friend she is mad cool.I will hopefully celebrate at her wedding.

Life is too much a hassle already, and I can not imagine making it even more of a drag, by hooking up with someone who just wants to end my freedom.

It does not add up.

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