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Shaq’s Wife Shaunie Files for Divorce!!!…I hope he learned from the first time she tried to take him,…it’s about the money,not the kids…

Shaunie and Shaq....divorce again

Shaunie and Shaq....divorce again

Fool me once, shame on you…Fool me twice, shame on me!

Shaquille O’neal has been served papers for a divorce from his scandalous soon to be ex-wife and baby mama to his multiple children Shaunie O’neal.

Didn’t they do this back in 2007?…I always tell fool’s not to go back to some honey that your have just separated from,I mean,that’s a big message that the two of you are tired of each others company.That does not get any better, just a lot worst.,,20054672,00.html

I guess no one ever told Shaq.

Reports coming from are stating that Shaunie, who resides in Miami,  abruptly flew to Los Angeles and filed a petition for legal separation in Los Angeles County Superior Court,on Monday.

She filed the divorce papers in California as opposed to Florida, because a spouse generally does a lot better in the spousal support department  in California.

Shaunie is asking for both spousal and child support , though she did not specify an amount for either. This is all just to get the ball rolling.

In 2007, Shaquille had discovered a lot of his money missing, and after further review, he discovered that his wife had funneled millions of his dollars into secret accounts, and purchased real estate property that he was not made aware of.

She is also rumored to have been spending a lot of Shaq’s cash on a secret boyfriend,her Cuban personal trainer, in which Shaunie supposedly  had a one year affair with .

The cause then was reportedly money, the Miami Herald reports,and it is at the center of the divorce presently.

Shaunie O’Neal, who had access to Shaquille’s money, is being required to provide “correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities.”
The only thing I can assume is that after the 2007 issue, and reconciliation, that Shaq had instituted safeguards for his money from his scheming conniving scandalous wife.

If you are not aware of that past drama, click on this link to an article on Vibe…

Then ask yourself, why would Shaq go back to a women who is clearly working against him. This can’t be what marriage is all about, but in the end, it is only about the money.

Who needs that?

For all the people who ask me why I am not married, it is because I am not open to this kind of personal drama.

I guess Shaunie was not trying to live in Cleveland this year, it is not as warm there as in Miami and LA., and she has a wider variety of young buff trainers to buy in the warmer climates.

If I was Shaq, I would just pay her off, and get full custody of my children, she could care less about them.Just have your attorneys figure out what she would get if she had to raise them, and pay her off and get rid of her from their lives.

She has a price, you know that now, so get it done, and get over this ridiculousness.

I bet his stats will go up,he will start hitting free throws, if he is allowed to be free of this festering distraction that has plagued him since 2007.

The lesson here people is that if you want to have a bunch of girls and/or guys on the side,…then it is better to be single.Doing that during a marriage just causes a lot of unnecessary drama, a waste of money, and the waste of a lot of time.

Who needs that…probably not Shaq.

The date of separation is listed as 11-9-09. The couple has 4 minor children. Shaunie wants legal and physical custody of all the kids.

They have been married for 6 years, 11 months.

Please voice your opinions on this train wreck of a marriage, and your views on dating while your married in general.

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One Response to “Shaq’s Wife Shaunie Files for Divorce!!!…I hope he learned from the first time she tried to take him,…it’s about the money,not the kids…”

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