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Carrie Prejean underage sex tape made before she became a Christian, so it does not count.

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I hate to review any movie,traditional or porn, before I actually view it for myself. To that end, I can not wait to see for myself if it was worth it for her to drop her lawsuit against Donald Trumps Miss Universe pageant.

I am relegated to heresy, but what I have heard from other news outlets, and Carrie Prejean herself, on The View this morning,I will have to take their word for it.

First of all, it is probably unusual behavior for a Christian anti-sex advocate to have starred in a homemade gift solo sex tape that was leaked to the media.That is probably a hard obstacle for her to overcome.It does call in to question her credibility.

It is also going to cause her conservative backers to back away from her. She obviously was planning on withholding this porno movie, while she gains fame as a virginal gay bashing beauty queen, but as most doctors and lawyers would tell you, a lack and withholding of all of the facts can only lead to a disaster.

I know it is embarrassing, but to be revealed in such a public way, is insurmountable.

I feel for her, but her story should stand as a cautionary tell to those that seek to judge other people, get your own house in order, and don’t worry about the affairs of others.

It is what she gets for putting out negative energy into the world,and I view her fall in much the same way as I view the downfall of Jimmy Swaggert.

The both of them are closeted freaks.

The dethroned beauty queen Carrie Prejean calls an X-rated sex video of herself “the biggest mistake of my life.”

Prejean, the former Miss California USA, says she made the sex flick of herself alone when she was 17, for an ex-boyfriend.

I never got a gift like this from any of my girlfriends when I was 17….women are way different now, than when I was a teenager.My son better watch out.

“It was me by myself. There was no one else with me. I was not having sex,” the controversial beauty queen told the Today show. “I sent it to my boyfriend at the time… ,” she added. “I think now they call it ‘sexting.'”

 She appeared on the Today show to talk about her book “Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate and Political Attacks.” She said the emergence of the tape was just an attempt to silence her.

Prejean is trying to act empowered by ”ownig up to it and taking responsibility for it”…

I think she may want to think about all the little Christian girls that were looking up to her, that are confused by her latest actions, and they might think that it is okay to participate in ”sexting” just to be like Carrie.

She should be ashamed. I think she may have leaked this tape in order to promote her latest ”victimized” book.

Oh the hypocrisy.

A comment on a YouTube clip concerning this case sums up the facts…She was caught lying as she lied on her contract, she is using God as an excuse to her despicable behavior, those photos exposing her breasts are not old at all, and she lied about it, Shannon also said that they were having problems before the contest…

I have no problem with pornography,gay marriage,Christianity, or personal freedoms.Ido have a lot against self-proclaimed moral police, that can not live up to their own moral code.

If someone uploads the Carrie solo sex tape, please send me a link.

I will be forever in your debt, but as it stands for now, the tape was too hot even for to post, so I know it must be a quality performance.

Here is a YouTube clip of our favorite porn star, Carrie Prejean on ”The View”. Look at the interview, and please read the comments. This is some straight entertainment….

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