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Chief Release Star Running Back Larry Johnson For Gay Slurs…What Homophobic Team Will Pick Him Up?

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How employable is a unpoligetic homophobic NFL star?

The chiefs have released Larry Johnson, and put him on waivers.

Larry Johnson is about to find that out, first hand. If he is to look for any encouragement, he must remember that even Michael Vick was given a second chance, by the National Football League for killing dogs, but the actor Isiah Thomas has not had that much good luck with his career after using a similar gay slur.

I do not even think it has anything to do with how many gay people are, or not involved with football as they are in the acting profession, I would imagine it is the national average, but what business wants to have this level of a public relations disaster associated with their product?

Larry Johnson is not trying to make amends with the gay community,it all seems to be about him getting out of his contract.

The Chiefs and Larry Johnson are in the middle of a case to determine whether or not the Chiefs have to pay Johnson this year’s installment of his signing bonus. The Chiefs are contending that Larry violated his contract when he was suspended for one game in 2008.

The Chiefs confirmed Monday that they are releasing Larry Johnson the day he was due to come back from his second suspension in a year.

Johnson, who turns 30 on Nov. 19, was just 75 yards away from breaking Priest Holmes’ team rushing record.

The Chiefs were furious with Johnson for a series of actions, including mocking Coach Todd Haley’s lack of football playing experience on his Twitter account; using a gay slur on Twitter and again in the locker room when addressing a group of reporters; and, in the incident that most angered General Manager Scott Pioli, belittling a fan on Twitter by saying he made more money.

They are seeking to have the contract voided.

 Whether they win or lose the case, the Chiefs have sealed the deal. They are over Johnson, and his on-line antics, and characterized  him as a ”Cancer” that is spreading in the locker room.

The Kansas City organization vowed to not allow Johnson to ever take the field again as a Chief, following a drubbing they received from the San Diego Chargers.

The teams rumored to be courting the homophobic running back is the hapless Washington Redskins, which have to replace the injured Clinton Portis, who sustained a concussion in this past Sundays loss.

Just what the Redskin’s need, another disaster of a player to cause even more distractions for them to lose focus on, away from football.

Get ready to protest my fellow D.C. football fans.Your season is about to get that much more worst.

You can not make this stuff up.

Johnson is currently on waivers,which he must clear.

The New York Times is reporting…Johnson is almost certain to clear waivers, because a team that claims him would have to pay his salary of more than $2 million, which the Chiefs will pay if he is not picked up. But if he clears waivers and a team signs him, Johnson will still collect his salary from the Chiefs in addition to whatever he makes with his new team…

Johnson was the subject of an online petition last week calling on the Chiefs not to let him break the team rushing record. His on-line apology came one year after issuing a similar apology for alleged incidents involving women in Kansas City night clubs.

The door has shut for him in Kansas city, so I wonder which team out there has the room for Larry Johnson, who is Americas most notorious unapologetic homophobes.

I wonder how that title will work for his new teams marketing strategy.

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