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Twin Brothers Indicted In a Racist Bombing Conspiracy Targeting Black American Freedom Fighters

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Twin White supremacist from Illinois mailed a bomb to an Arizona official responsible for recruiting and hiring minorities in the town of Scottsdale,Arizona, according to federal prosecutor.

In indictment unsealed in July, Dennis and Daniel Mahon were charged with conspiring to blow up buildings and property in an attempt to ”promote racial discord” on behalf of the White Aryan Resistance known as WAR.

WAR is a white supremacist organization founded by Tom Metzger more than a quarter century ago. I guess I can not join…

Metzger is well-known in Southern California as having been a leading member of the KKK, along with his son. He used to reside in Fallbrook,California,where he and his kind were welcomed into the community with open arms.

This quote is from Wikipedia…. During the 1970s he joined the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which was led by David Duke, eventually becoming the Grand Dragon for the State of California. In summer 1979, he organized a patrol to capture illegal Mexican immigrants south of Fallbrook, California. Metzger’s Klan organization also had a security force which was involved in confrontations with anti-Klan protesters….

Metzger hosts a weekly radio talk show called Insurgent Radio, on the Internet-based Turner Radio Network (not affiliated with the Turner Broadcasting System).

During the investigation  federal agents also raided the Indiana home of the longtime white separatist Tom Metzger, removing computers and other items, but not arresting him.

On Feb.26,2004, the package exploded in the hands of Don Logan at the Human Resources Complex in Scottsdale.In addition to injuring Logan’s hand and arm,a secretary was wounded.

When police arrived at the home of the suspects ,they found assault weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and White supremacist material, authorities said.

MSNBC reports that…the indictment says the brothers conspired to build and deliver the bomb to the diversity office, taught others how to build a package containing a pipe bomb, and sent training materials on the production and use of explosives, techniques to avoid detection by law enforcement, and methods to commit domestic terrorism.

The indictment also says Dennis Mahon participated in the construction of the bomb, disguising it in a cardboard box that was delivered to the diversity office and exploded in Logan’s hands.

Here is a link to the full indictment received on July 16,2009…

This is  the mission statement from the Scottsdale,Arizona office of diversity….Diversity and Dialogue develops and sponsors trainings, services, programs, and events that create work and community environments where differences are valued, respected, and embraced.  This is achieved through a diversity initiative that addresses education, employee relationships, recruitment, hiring, procurement, community outreach, and deliberative dialogue.

The Office of Diversity & Dialogue serves as a central point of contact for citizens and employees to address diversity matters. The objective is to ensure that there is objectivity in reviewing and evaluating these concerns.

The KKK, skinheads,neo Nazis and Neocon Republicans are disgusted by diversity and freedom for all the races,and they are not interested in intellectual dialogue about it.The opposite is true for them.

Their goal is to create hatred between the races,and they prey on the weak-minded fools that follow them and carry out the actions that their leaders only speak about. Their ignorance is blind,and their actions are even more shortsighted.

That is how they abuse their freedom of speech, but are immune to any form of prosecution unless law enforcement can directly connect them to providing some sort of aid or assistance in their terrorist acts.

Their White Power movement is our number one threat domestically here in the United States.

During the Persian Gulf War in 1991,Dennis  Mahon organized a small rally in Tulsa in support of our enemy Saddam Hussein.

“Terrorism works,” he added.

 “We did a lot of terrorism in Tulsa in the 1980s. We put heads in the road, and people paid attention. You have to give it to the Iraqis, they’re putting us to shame right now. I mean, I hate those cock-sucking towel heads, but they’re showing us how it’s done.”

Dennis Mahon also talked about destroying the nation’s capital. “You nuke D.C., you’re going to wipe out most of the politicians, plus a couple million crack head niggers,” he said.

The quotes above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these two social miscreants. They hate just to hate.

They obviously hate themselves.

For more details of the bigot boys, click on the source here…

Please report all suspicions you may have if you suspect someone of plotting domestic terrorism.Call your local authorities, and get them off of the street.This past weeks tragedy at Fort Hood and the rampage in Florida illustrates to our citizens that some of the worst among us, will turn their weapons on US, in an attempt to destroy our union here in the states, and we should not tolerate such actions, or plans for such actions, for not even a moment.

Beware of anyone, especially those on fake news channels or talk radio programs that step over the boundaries of free speech, into sedition followed by a treasonist acts. 

 These people and announcers are all involved in a conspiracy to topple the great United States of America, and their goal is to destroy us from within. If it discovered that the immigrant Rupert Murdoch is at the head of the sponsorship of any form of domestic terrorism, then I call for his assets to be frozen, and for him to be deported, if not detained in Guantanamo Bay as an active terrorist.

If they close that facility, then just deport him, after he gives up the list of names of the rest of his cohorts involved in the conspiracy against American freedom.

These twin terrorist are just at the tip of the iceberg.

Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck know who their audience is, and two of their followers,the Mahon twins, have been caught in this sweep by the protectors of our freedom. I suggest that all involved in the conspiracy need to be incarcerated along with the twin terrorist.

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