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Sexy Miniskirt wearing Brazillian Student Expelled over Inappropriate Dress…what gives Brazil?

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Brazil has become famous worldwide for everything that is sexy.The country has given us the thong bikinis,thong underwear, and the Brazilian wax.

They are a passionate people who are the number one consumers of plastic surgery,which says to me that looks are valued in this culture, as they are in many.

I like the Brazilian people in my life, and I always look forward to traveling there.

I like Samba dancing , and capoeira dance/fighting.

The people are beautiful,  and very warm and friendly.

That is why this report about a young lady, Geisy Arruda, being expelled from her college campus for what some are reporting as a provocative, innapropritley short micro-miniskirt, that she chose to wear to a class recently.

She was heckled by hundreds of fellow students when she wore a short, pink dress to class,compounded by the university taking the unusual step of taking out newspaper ads Sunday to publicly accuse her of immorality.

This is as bad as corny Morehouse college passing a sweeping homophobic dress policy to oppress the student’s ability to be different from one another,thus programming them for failure in the larger society.

How a sexy little dress worn by a good student could cause such a stir in this sexually liberal country is beyond me. I would think that it would be welcome on a college campus, as my own college allowed total nudity if a student chose to present themselves in that manner.

If no one makes a stink about it, then I do not see the harm.

This from a report on MSNBCBandeirante University published advertisements accusing Arruda of attending class with “inadequate clothing” and having a provocative attitude that was “incompatible with the university environment.”

Arruda made headlines last month when she had to be escorted away by police after she tried to go to class wearing the mini-dress. She put on a professor’s white coat and left amid a hail of insults and curses.

Video of the Oct. 22 incident was posted on YouTube and picked up by Brazilian networks. Arruda has since appeared frequently on TV, saying she is struggling to return to normal life after being humiliated, so this action by her this week on the campus, is obviously her attempt at changing the policy at her campus.

It is designed to be a protest for her cause.

The university claims to have an “Educational Responsibility,” in sees it as their role to police the clothing of students.

They claim to have decided on the expulsion after interviewing her fellow students on the campus.

The accused her of posing for pictures that are provocative, and lowering the moral standards of the university.

I find policies that govern dressing for students to be more of a distraction than helpful. The students in college are adults, and if the clothing does not violate the law governing public decency, or in this case indecency, then I think they should choose another battle.

I think the larger issue is why men are so out of control when we see a provocatively dressed young woman.Some men loose all sense of good manners when confronted by a mini-skirt, or at the sight of a human nipple.

I think if we had more provocative dressing in our society, then it would lose its distinction of being provocative.

As it stands now, I can only view this action against Arruda in a country that has made its reputation out of being a fun and sexy place to visit, as pure hypocrisy,plain and simple.

Arruda said she learned of her expulsion through the news media and had not received official notification.

Let’s hope that those in control of this situation reverse this action, and come to a compromise with all parties involved.

I am certain there are more pressing issues to attend to, other than policing how a young woman decides to dress to a class that she has paid to attend, as long as she is not in violation of the student code of conduct that is spelled out in the student handbook at most colleges and universities.

We all should resist championing policies that are favored by the Taliban.

Here is the You tube clip of the harassing of Geisy Arruda on her college campus, all over a mini-skirt….Get a life…

Click on these links for further information regarding this case….

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One Response to “Sexy Miniskirt wearing Brazillian Student Expelled over Inappropriate Dress…what gives Brazil?”

  1. If the college has a dress code, then that’s another thing.
    Considering all of Brazil walks around half naked, I see nothing inappropriate with her attire. She’s a young woman dressing as any 20-year old woman would. I think it was all taken out of context and no reason why she had to be heckled and removed from school… you go girl!

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