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Should Joe Jackson Recieve Money From Dead Son Michael’s Estate,Given That Michael Did Not Mention Him In His Will?

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It is very clear that Michael Jackson did not want to leave any of his money to his father, or any other family member, because they were not mentioned in his last will and testament.

It is a sad reality,one that I would be embarrassed about if my son did that to me, but Michael was clear in his demands.

Joe Jackson can only ask himself why he created such a bad relationship with his son.His proclemation to a judge this week…. “entitled to his own independent family allowance.” … speaks volumes to his delusions.

How is he ”entitiled to” another grown man’s property, no matter what the relationship? There is no legal precedent to back up such a claim.If you have one, please refer it to me.

It is unseemly to witness a man so incredible slimy and guiltless, to publicly demean himself and his family, and lower his dignity by stooping to such an incredible low, as to grovel and beg for money from the bones of his own dead son.

Think about the grandchildren, this man is dangerous.He seeks to further exploit his son, and if he does not get his way,he may resort to drastic measures.I thought he was kidding about putting Michael’s kid’s on the road,and it was wierd the way he was talking the children’s talent right after his son had died.

The man is simply inappropriate, and Jermaine,Jackie, Tito, Randy…one of you gentleman need to sit your pop’s down and slow his roll.I know he used to be bad, but he is an elderly man at this point, and all of you guys are way bigger than him.

I know you respect you dad, but your family name is at stake here.Joe Jackson, the patriarch of your family, is viewed upon as the head of your family.

I think he is suffering from an undiagnosed case of dementia, and these types of antics and statements are a classic sign of that affliction.He can be forced into a short observational period.

He does not realize what he is doing, because he is not in control of his faculties. A close family would quietly seek help for their stricken relative, out of the public eye.

The family should immediately come together discuss and vote on this matter, and make sure we do not have to follow your dad begging money from your dead brothers estate, would be my advice.

As it stands, if this train wreck of a father of yours is allowed to continue with this failed course of action, it will be fodder for the blog and news world.

Let Michael rest in peace, and concentrate on the health and welfare of his children.

My question to Joe Jackson is , why is his relationship with his wife so messed up that he and Katherine can not sit down and resolve this between the two of them.

Is he that terrible of a person???

Seems like it…Here is what she receives from his estate…A  judge has approved $26,800 in monthly support for Katherine and $60,000 a month for the care of Michael’s three kids.

The Will was not an obtuse document, it plainly stated what he wanted to do with his own money and property after his untimely death.

Joe’s attorneys are contending that via heresy, that Michael Jackson used to provide Katherine Jackson with a monthly allowance of  60 thousand dollars a month to live on, and instructed her to give half of that to Joe Jackson.

They are saying that simply because the King of Pop did not provide for Joe in his will, does not mean that the estate is legally prohibited from providing for Joe, they insist.This sounds like a complicated legal matterI will be interested in how they go about  proving that.

A judge has already rejected Joe’s petition for an expedited hearing and to file the motion under seal.

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  1. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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