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Sammy Sosa’s Skin Is Turning White!!!…Is this a side effect of steroid use,or is it purely cosmetic?

[picapp src=”f/f/7/0/2009_Person_Of_69c7.jpg?adImageId=7208900&imageId=6972052″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]

Sammy Sosa and his beautiful wife Sonia attended the Latin Grammy awards  this past Wednesday in Las Vegas, and his appearance was shocking.

What was shocking is not that he was there, that was cool, as he has kept a low profile since being out of baseball due to rumors of his alledged steroid abuse, but his skin has become significantly lighter.

He is also wearing green contact lenses, which some men choose to do for whatever reasons, but that coupled with the apparent over use of Ambi skin Lightening creme, just adds up to an unusual appearance,somewhat ghastly if you ask me.

Ambi is a popular skin lightener, which was a classification of products designed to brighten the pigment in African-American people.There was a time in our existence when this was desirable, just as much as hair straighteners still seem to be in the black american culture, and conversely lip enhancements, and tanning beds are for our white counter parts.

There are some medical conditions that it is used to cover-up, as well as a cosmetic use which is the choice that is so controversial.

Compare this picture of Sammy from just this past May 13,2009…

[picapp src=”e/3/a/6/People_En_Espanols_da3b.jpg?adImageId=7208909&imageId=4780698″ width=”234″ height=”310″ /]

To his appearance this past Wednesday in Vegas…

[picapp src=”0/5/6/3/2009_Person_Of_f68b.jpg?adImageId=7208899&imageId=6972046″ width=”234″ height=”323″ /]

…His wife Sonia looks confused…as we all are.

Many in the blogosphere have been speculating as to what is going on with Sammy’s skin.

I know that the most common cause of one to lose his pigment involuntarily, would be the skin disorder known as Vitilago.

Vitilago is a disease that deplete the skin of pigment.It was brought to light by Michael Jackson’s announcement that he was suffering from it.It starts with small patches of white skin, and progresses to take over larger patches, and blotches throughout ones body.

Many who suffer from the disorder choose to cover up with make-up,or they try to even out, and lighten their skin into one tone, rather than the patches.

The disorder could possibly be related to steroid abuse. It may be a side effect of the constant abuse of steroids, there are studies that suggest this.

All of this is pure speculation, Sammy could be electing to change his appearance, that is his right. We were all shocked at what happened to comedian Carrot Top, and other celebrities that have taken vanity a little too far for many,but it is not illegal.

The suspicion arises based on his rumored steroid abuse, and the rapidity of the transformation from his darker pigment, to his current pale looking skin.

Sammy Sosa has made no statements about his complexion, and has not confirmed if he is suffering from Vitilago, or not.

For now, I say that a picture is worth a thousand confessions. Sound off and leave me your thoughts and comments.

Enlighten me….get it? That was a joke, but vitiligo is not, and I am not disrespecting that fact.

Lighten up…..(sorry, I could not help myself).

I just wonder what the other side effects of his steroid abuse may morph him into….

[picapp src=”d/4/d/4/ee.JPG?adImageId=7209799&imageId=3222187″ width=”380″ height=”266″ /]

2 Responses to “Sammy Sosa’s Skin Is Turning White!!!…Is this a side effect of steroid use,or is it purely cosmetic?”

  1. it’s possible that Sammy is either really sad to see Michael Jackson go, or he’s a little too excited about New Moon coming out in two weeks

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