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Crazed Gunman kills and wounds several people in Orlando,Florida Gateway Building Highrise office

jason rodreguez mass Orlando shooter

Jason Rodriguez mass Orlando shooter

Breaking NewsJason Rodriguez, 40, is believed to be driving a silver, 2002 Nissan SUV with tag number D11UXR, Orlando Police spokeswoman Sgt. Barbara Jones. He stormed into the Gateway Center at 1000 Legion Place around 11:50am  and began killing people at random.

Police say he has killed at least one person so far, and at least 6 are injured in the shooting, which took place about noon today.

It is suspected that he may still be in the building,they are not certain, and the building is on lockdown.The S.W.A.T. team is on the scene,and the situation is fluid.

Police say that people should stay off the interstate and the surrounding roads as the suspect is on the loose.He is armed and dangerous, and should be considered a deadly threat.

Interstate 4 eastbound has been shut down while police converge on the area.

This from the Orlando Sentinel…The shootings took place in the offices of Reynolds, Smith & Hill, a transportation consulting firm, according to Ken Jacobson, a spokesperson for the company in its Florida headquarters in Jacksonville . “We understand the shootings did take place in our office,” Jacobson said. “People were shot in our offices.”

Jason Rodriguez was born on September 28, 1969, and is 40 years old. It is reported he had been laid off from his job, at Reynolds,Smith,and Hill, a company that is in the Gateway Building.He was let go because of performance issues.

They are a transportation engineering firm.It is basically an architectural company.It has not been confirmed if all the employees are out of the building.All the victims are current employees of the firm.

He was let go two years ago, in June.

Bodies were found on the 12th and 8th floor of Legions Place, a 16-floor building north of Colonial Drive. Only the 12th floor has been cleared.

Police are recommending that if people are still inside hiding, that they should continue to do so, until they are rescued.

Psychological counseling will be provided for all the witnesses and victims.

If you see this man, call the Orlando police immediately.

Check back for updates, and follow reports from these news services…

It has just been announced that the killer has been apprehended at his mothers house…11:25pst.

The Orlando police has done some good work in this horrendous event. Pray for the victims.,0,2642883.story

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