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Carrie Prejean solo christian sex tape scandal made her tap out from her lawsuit, and pockets nothing…

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Supporter of gay marriage may have taken a beating at the ballot box this week, but they can take solace in the fact that one of their major detractors has been exposed as a sexual freak, and has lost her battle in court.

Former Miss California and anti-Gay activist Carrie Prejean, who so famously declared to Perez Hilton during this years Miss Universe Pageant that she is a Christian, and she has these  Christian values that prevent her from supporting Gay marriage, which I like to call ”a marriage”, has been exposed to be a sexual freak herself,not that being gay has anything to do with sexual promiscuity. 

It was disclosed at this weeks settlement meeting between her and the Miss Universe/Miss California operators that she performed in a hot and sexy solo XXX rated porno movie.

The porno starring Carrie Prejean, as reported by the trusted site,, was very graphic, and ….well, even too graphic for TMZ to post.

That’s good enough for me,…I actually would like to see it for myself, as a reporter, just to confirm the accuracy of their reporting.

They are quoted to say that…”Carrie has a promising career as a solo performer”… so that sounds like some hot masturbation scenes, which I would expect a good conservative girl, with nice new double D implants to be well rehearsed in performing.

I respect religious people, but I abhor hypocrisy.

The tape actually began making the rounds several months ago and was offered as an exclusive to various websites for the bargain-basement price of $10,000.

The following is as reported by TMZ…

TMZ is reporting the dirty deets about Carrie being shown a film that the site amusingly calls “the X-rated version of ‘Home Alone,’ starring the former Miss California as herself. By herself.

When the video action began, Carrie said “that’s disgusting” and denied it was her. Then, the camera panned up to her face. 

 TMZ says it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her $1 million legal demands against the Miss California organization….

The pageant officials have paid her legal bills of close to 100 thousand dollars, she get’s to keep her breast implants, and she walks away pocketing zero dollars.

Here is a funny quote from E news, and remember that the pageant is owned by the one and only Donald Trump….

…the sex tape was the pageant’s trump card, and Prejean wound up with no money in the settlement (though the pageant was said to have paid $100,000 in fees to her lawyers and publicist)…

…Get it,..Trump card???

Do not mess with Donald Trump, especially if you have made a sex tape, and are making your reputation off of being a pure and godly virginal Christian.

This does bring up the confusion as to why she hates gay people so much? Does she not understand that her campaigning against their right to marry, which has nothing to do with her, if she is not gay, just makes a lot of good people feel like second class citizens.

I think Carrie Prejean is in for a big wake up call about life. I have no problem with her solo masturbation, especially if she likes it, and no one gets hurt, as well as I have no problem with adults deciding to get married.

Better them than me, I just want to come to the after party.

So. I know some of my gay friends are upset today by this week’s loss at the ballot box, but be encouraged here, and not for Carries downfall. That was inevitable,like so many preachers that campaign against you.

They are all probably gay, and are conflicted.Time will resolve this issue for you, not the ballot box. I feel that if we were to vote on returning black people to slavery, it would pass if left up to a popular vote.

Call me scenical, but I am definitely not that optimistic about the people that vote on these issues.I want to be proven wrong.

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