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Nic Cage Broke??? Is the Recession that bad?

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There are reports swirling that one of the best actors of our generation, Nicholas Cage,is facing financial ruin.

Seems as though he was taken advantage of by a trusted business manager, who got 5 percent of his earnings, but took a lot more than that without Mr Cages authorization.

Many people will not be able to relate to Nic’s financial crisis, but remember, more money more problems.

Apparently, he owes the I.R.S. more than 6.6 million dollars in back taxes, and his homes in New Orleans have gone into foreclosure.

The New York Daily News, TMZ, the Las Vegas Sun and dozens of other news sources have been reporting on Cage’s financial ruin ever since he filed a $20 million lawsuit against financial manager Samuel Levin last month for sending him “down a path toward financial ruin.”

Nic was recently on the Forbes top 100 earners in the entertainment industry.

A busy star is easy to take advantage of, especially if he trust you, and I am sure Nic put a lot of faith in Samuel Levine, who seems to have taken advantage of him.

I feel for Nic,and unfortunately, I an relate to his IRS tax issues, and that I do not wish on anyone.

Everything is relative, and I hope for a greater future without jail time for Mr Cage. I used to run into him and his friends often cruising Westwood, when he was an up and coming star, and he is a cool dude.He has purchased a lot of my colleagues artwork, and has been a loyal patron of the art for many.

He deserves or respect,admiration, and compassion.

I look forward to more of  Nic Cage in the future, broke,rich, or making amends, it’s all good to me.

Click on this in-depth report on Nic’s financial crisis on E entertainment online,one of my favorites to read…

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