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Brett Favre is 40 and still in championship form, like George Foreman

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Brett Favre continues to amaze me!

For a guy that’s 40 years old, battered and bruised, he is still putting it to the younger guys on both sides of the field and orchestrating victories.

I am amazed because I am over 40 myself, and I know that the old body is not the same as it was in say, my 20’s. The recuperation time is longer now, and the aches and pains of the years, even without the physical abuse is apparent.

Now, I am in pretty good shape, as I work on it, sort of..but Brett Favre is a world-class athlete that has taken advantage of the training and coaching that is available to him, to be able to compete at this level od the N.F.L.

Seriously,take a look at the size, and the youth of the linebackers that are hell-bent on crushing him, every time he lines up as the quarterback! At 40 years old, for any amount of money, that’s an incredible feat.

I became a Doug Flutie fan when he continued to play at a high level past his 40th birthday…simply because at that age, in most professions, us older guys have to rely upon our wits and mental strength to out think the younger guys, who rely only upon their obvious physical superiority.Our experience win over brute strength any day.

Brett Fave is a rare species in any sport, due to his age and ability. The younger opponents always make the mistake of underestimating the power that comes with experience.The experience alway defeat the upstarts.

The UFC has a few older competitors like Randy Couture who are well over 40, and still compete at a high level with younger opponents, but my role model for a champion over 40 is boxer George Foreman.

At the ripe old age of 45, George Forman knocked out Michael Moorer to retain the heavyweight boxing title that he had won 20 years earlier, by defeating Joe Frazier. He defeated Moorer because he outwitted him, much the same ay that Muhammad Ali beat him with the rope a dope in his African defeat.

The rope a dope worked because it allowed Foreman to pound away at Ali for several rounds, punching himself out by delivering many hard stinging shots that could only land on Ali’s arms and shoulders, which he could stand for several rounds.

After George got winded and tired from delivering blows,…Ali knocked him out cold.

George Foreman, 20 years later, used a similar tactic when he knocked out Moorer, except he actually mixed it up with Moorer throughout most of the fight.

It was a great victory for Foreman, and I remember the older people feeling like he had won a victory for them.I was 30 at the time, so I did not fully understand their sentiment, but I was happy for Mr Foreman.

Today,Minnesota Vikings QB  Brett Favre defeated his former team, the Green Bay Packers, and the younger  upstart quarterback that replaced him in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers.

Green Bay unceremoniously dumped their 16 year veteran QB Favre, citing that he was old and washed up, and they were moving on to the future.

That has turned out to be a big miscalculation on their part, as Brett Favre has defeated them as a Viking for the second time in less than a month. Better yet, this time the beat down was in Green Bay at Lambeau Field, and the final score was 38-26.

That’s what you call a knock out punch, and today, while witnessing this defeat, I finally felt how the older people felt when George Foreman knocked out Michael Moorer on November 5th, 1994 in Las Vegas.

Now , I am an older person, and I see my generation being represented as a viable contender against any body half of our age, that dares to step into the arena against us.

Age and experience will alway win over youthful aggression ,that does not have the benefit of a variety of tricks learned through the years in the trenches , and I am excited that Brett Favre can represent this fact so well.

Congratulations Brett Favre, and good going to the Minnesota Vikings, and their forward thinking management.

For in-depth coverage of todays stunning victory, click on the link below to the AP report… 

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