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Police arrest Richmond High gang rape suspects, one released due to lack of evidence

Concerned Students of Richmond High

Concerned Students of Richmond High

The police in Richmond California have arrested 6  people in connection with the rape and torture of a 15-year-old high school sophomore outside of the homecoming dance at Richmond High school.

Richmond High boast a multi-cultural group of students, all from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The students are from lower to middle class families, all hardworking and primarily blue collar.It resembles the demographics in many urban inner city communities in California, as well as my own community in Southern California where I live .

The following are the demographics for Richmond, California as of 2007…

Races in Richmond:

  • Black (36.1%)
  • Hispanic (26.5%)
  • White Non-Hispanic (21.2%)
  • Other race (13.9%)
  • Two or more races (5.3%)
  • Chinese (3.3%)
  • Filipino (3.1%)
  • Other Asian (2.9%)
  • American Indian (1.6%)
  • Asian Indian (1.2%)
  • Japanese (0.9%)
  • Korean (0.5%)
  • Vietnamese (0.5%)
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (0.5%)

The estimated median household income for the citizens of Richmond in 2007 was $50,293 (it was $44,210 in the 2000 census), and the stats for California median household income was by comparison $59,948.

Estimated median house or condo value in 2007: $484,000 (it was $170,700 in 2000) while in the whole state, it averaged out to be $532,300, in that same year.

The average price of a rental was in 2007 was $1,012, and the percentage of residents living in poverty was in 2007 17.6%. For more statistics on the demographics for Richmond, click on my source below…

The point being is that Richmond is at no level a totally impoverished or in no way a minority community, as some  have so unfairly labeled it, due to their ignorance , but rather a diverse multicultural community where minorities, white families, and immigrants reside to form a community that resembles the racial melting pot here in America.

Only a racist would see it any differently.

It is in fact, not a white dominated community, which to some may seem like a black community, but that is just because they prefer an all white community over a diverse one that highlights several races of American citizens.Just old fashioned American racism.

This brutal rape was an issue of power, humiliation, and control,like most rapes, and race or poverty had absolutely nothing to do with it. The fact that some of the perpetrators were black, latino, and white is purely a coincidence, and not some genetically programmed predisposition to be a violent criminal gang rapist as some are publicizing.

If that were the case, then one would have to believe that all white people are genetically programmed to be high school mass murderers like the Columbine killers, or rapist and murderers that eat their victims like Jeffery Dahmer.

I am sure that the fact that they were white is purely coincidental. There crimes rank as some of the most reprehensible crimes of the 20th century.I am certain that  these crimes by these non-minority killers had an influence on these rapist, more than any other possible influence.

It is only logical, based on the media that the crimes garnered.

The police are reporting that one of six suspects arrested in the gang rape of the 15-year-old girl outside Richmond High School’s homecoming dance will be released after prosecutors declined to file charges, authorities said Friday.

The name of the released suspect is Salvador Rodriguez, 21, and was set free due to a lack of sufficient evidence to connect him to the crime.

Five other suspects remain in custody. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that…Cody Ray Smith, 15, of San Pablo; Marcelles James Peter, 17, of Pinole; and Ari Abdallah Morales, 16, of San Pablo are juveniles being charged as adults. They all face felony counts of rape in concert and penetration with a foreign object. Morales also is charged with felony robbery for allegedly stealing the girl’s jewelry.

Manuel Ortega, 19, of Richmond is charged with rape in concert, robbery and assault causing great bodily injury. He is being held on $1.2 million bail…

Police on Thursday night arrested Jose Carlos Montano, 18, near his San Pablo home in the 1800 block of 16th Street.

The spokesman for the Richmond police  said Montano played a “significant” role in the assault and police will request felony charges of rape, rape in concert with violence, penetration with a foreign object and a special enhancement requesting life in prison.

“The charges accurately reflect the severity of (Montano’s) actions,” the Richmond police spokesman said.

Crimes of this nature are unusual in communities like Richmond. The police and community are up in arms about the severity and devilish brutality, the like that are usually limited to the upper class, and wealthy suburban communities.

In 1988 Jodie Foster portrayed a gang rape victim in the Academy Award nominated film ”The Accused” which portrayed a real life gang rape and the victims quest for justice, which happened in 1983 in the wealthy and tony Upstate New York, which is predominantly white.

Jodie Foster plays the flirtatious Sarah Tobias, who goes to a local bar, flirts with some bar patrons, and then she is violently gang raped by several patrons of the bar, while many others watched, and did not intercede.

I would make a note that there were no black or mexican patrons in that bar to witness, or perpetrate this gang rape, and no rapist there was poverty-stricken, debunking any suggestion that this rape and torture is in any way due to race or poverty issues.

The real name of the real life gang rape victim portrayed by Foster, is Cheryl Ann Araujo. Click the link to find out more about Cheryls’ gang rape…

The racial demographics of New Bedford, the actual site of the rape portrayed in the ‘Accused’ movie is… 78.86% White, 4.39% African American, 0.62% Native American, 0.65% Asian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 9.51% from other races, and 5.92% from two or more races…,_Massachusetts

This case is simply human brutality, which knows no racial boundaries, and the mere suggestion of that as even a reason for this violent rape, is patently offensive.

Here is a link to a review of the movie, which intelligently juxtaposes the Sarah Tobias Upper New York gang rape by white men against a single white female, to the gang rape of this 15-year-old Richmond High school student…

By the way, Jodie Foster won the Oscar for best actress for her portrayal of gang rape victim Sarah Tobias, which was great for Jodie, but may have sent the wrong message to the public, and may have influenced this gang rape in Richmond, unwittingly.

In 2005, Samuel L. Jackson portrayed Richmond High school’s controversial basketball Coach Ken Carter, who made national attention when the Richmond High  team was well on its way to the 1999 State Championship, when he  received the low grades of his players. Coach Carter  locked the gym and benched the whole team for poor grades.

Coach Carter received some praise and much more criticism for his decision.

The name of the movie was ”Coach Carter”…

In an interview Coach Carter gave on CNN  Friday, Carter spoke by telephone to Richmond High School Senior Class President Gina Saechad.   He promised Saechad he would return to the school to help.

When asked about his reaction to the gang rape, he told CNN that he could see it coming when he coached at the school 10 years ago.

“Someone (at the school) was asleep at the wheel,” he said.

He went on to tell Class President Gina Saechad that you are not what people think about you, but you are what you think about yourself…

He is arranging a fund-raiser in support of the gang rape victim, and vows to help out with the students at Richmond High, which holds a special place in his heart.

It would make a great impression on the students if they can see a role model and a leader in society that has come from their community, and had a positive, yet challenging experience there as an educator.

Who knows, maybe he can convince Samuel Jackson to stop by the school and deliver a talk about self esteem , love and compassion for your fellow-man, in any given circumstance. A visit by a movie star and the subject of a hit movie, Ken Carter could make a positive impression on the Richmond High students.

In closing, the only issue here is discipline, and compassion, which seems to be lacking in some of the students involved in this horrendously brutal crime against humanity.

As illustrated by the Jodie Foster movie, this type of barbaric behavior is not endemic to poverty or race as some media, and faux liberal political cartel blogs might want to portray it, it is simply a case of human brutality that no race of people is immune to,across the board. Any one perpetuating this myth, is a liar.

Read more at:,0,41271.column?track=rss

The Accused-1988

The Accused-1988

Coach Carter movie poster

Coach Carter movie poster

Richmond High School is accepting cards and donations for the victim to go towards her care. They can be mailed to the school at 1250 23rd St., Richmond, CA 94804-1011. Make checks out to the Richmond High Student Fund.

8 Responses to “Police arrest Richmond High gang rape suspects, one released due to lack of evidence”

  1. Very good read….The one thing that is disturbing about some of your quotes is that Ken Carter said that he could see it coming ten years ago. My question to him is that if he could see it coming, then what did he do to stop it, or notify someone to help?

    Having a star like Samuel L. Jackson is just a stopgap. It would be nice to have him come by, but the visit will fade and the problems will continue. I don’t have a solution either, and I am a native of Richmond and went to Kennedy, a rival HS in Richmond. The problems begin at the home and solutions will have to come from there, or from early childhood education programs. Things that address inequity at the teenage level is too late….

    • Thank you for the response…
      I think it is way more dificult to turn around a teenager rather than a child,but there is still some hope.
      I have seen it, just not a lot, but it is possible….

  2. Sure is a lot of reference to white folk in that. What for? Because of some real shame I suppose….. Well, there should be. Animals behave better. The problem with this leads right back to the apologists for the animals who commit the acts. Think about that real good. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions ….” . Keep apologizing instead of having some damn higher standards. At a minimum you should at least expect higher standards. Regressing neighborhoods all look alike and they have a common denominator at the top. They really don’t expect much better from the community so they don’t insist on anything above this. The problem is the leadership … from the drop out parents to the city council and mayors office. Expect low standards and you’ll get them.

    • To be accurate, I never say ”white folk”,but I do mention the word White,as a colloquialism for caucasian, as well as Black, except for the word African-American etc.
      I mention the word white about three times in the whole article, but I refer to blacks and Mexicans at the same level…sooo,I invite you to check that,so you may want to
      look at that.
      It is an article about demographics, so to mention race here is appropriate.
      You may want to ask yourself why the word white stood out for you,because it would seem to mention Mexicans more in this article, and that did not bother you at all, nor did it warrant any mention
      or notice from you,which is the reality here in America.
      I agree, if you guys keep accepting low and inhuman activities from your people,then the rest of us are doomed.
      It starts at the country clubs, in your segregated communities, klan rallies and Republican party conventions.
      Expect low standards and you’ll get them,and the Columbine Massacre,Jeffrey Dahmer,and all the racial cleansing that the Aryans of Europe have committed on mankind would not have ever happened.
      Clean up your own house before you have any credibility to complain about mine….but get that I understand good ole fashion American racism.

  3. Ever seen a bunch of Republicans stand around and watch a girl be raped? Your Country Clubs are full of Democrats I might add. All patting themselves on the back for the great job they did with the less fortunate. The segregated communities are the safe haven to escape this barbarian life. It just isn’t affordable for most on Gov assistance, but they still come to try to survive knowing their safe among this same crowd you say is the starting point of it all. If you want to fix this then don’t compare it to a non-reality. De-construct it and look for your real answer. You’ll find the mighty hand of government as the problem and not the answer. And the fact you divide the world into democrat and republican speaks to the lack of profound thinking. Once you stop that you’ll understand most people all want the same thing in life. It’s not a left or right thing. You won’t fix it with politics because you can’t legislate decency. You can however, remove it by government. Now your on the right path as to why this is prevalent in the areas where there is heavy government intervention. Dare I say ….. this is so less a probable in a private school. Maybe look to them for the answer.

    • Yes I have…they do it with their wars…
      I get you, you got that racist mentality,which is predictable.
      White people don’t commit murder, mayhem, or any violent crime whatsoever.
      HAHAHA…there are a lot of you klan members on the internet,tell them there are a bunch of us ignant violent
      negroes over here on my blog.
      You are all welcome to spout your ridiculousness here.
      I appreciate the traffic.

  4. Sarah Tobias was not from a tony upstat new york town, she resided in New Bedford Ma and was lower class so to speak, although I find those labels demeaning. How are you connectiting youe work which is commendable with facxts that are not true, maybe an oversight however I am very familiar with the Tobias case and your facts are wrong

    • Thanks for the comment.
      I get your point…the language is colorful,and demeaning.
      I grew up very broke, so to me, New Bedford looks wealthy.
      I guess wealth and poverty is all ones point of view..
      If you get a chance, share some of your knowledge of the case with us, and,
      if it counters my current stance, then I will adjust the information.
      I thank you for your time, and any enlightenment is a positive thing!

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