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Coroner finds 6 decomposed bodies at the home of suspected killer in Cleveland,Ohio,Anthony E. Sowell

Anthony Sowell suspected mass murderer and convicted rapist

Anthony Sowell suspected mass murderer and convicted rapist

The UPI is reporting that the decomposed bodies of 6 human beings have been discovered in the home of suspected mass murderer Anthony E. Sowell.

The suspect had been on the run since police found the first two of six bodies Thursday night when they went to the home of 50-year-old Anthony Sowell, who was convicted in a 1989 rape.It is not uncommon for rapist to graduate to murder, given the opportunity, as a way to silence all possible witnesses, and thus forgo another imprisonment for rape, rather than to stop raping at all.

Sowell is a registered sex offender who served 15 years in a Ohio penitentiary for rape.  He was released from prison in 2005. Sowell, 50, reportedly lived at the house with an aunt and uncle, but no one has seen the relatives in a while.

Neighbors said that Sowell had initially lived in the house with his aunt and uncle, but his uncle had passed away and his aunt had gone to a nursing home about a year ago.

Officers took Anthony Sowell into custody after someone walked into a police station and reported seeing a man resembling him, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer reported.

Police discovered the first two bodies on Thursday when they came to arrest Sowell, and a third was found a day later and police have now confirmed three more. The remains were recovered in the house and in its backyard.

Police chief Michael McGrath told a news conference that Sowell offered no resistance when arrested, following a tip-off, while walking down the street on Saturday at around noon.

The suspect initially denied he was the man authorities were looking for, but admitted his identity as officers began fingerprinting him, police said in an interview with the BBC.

The police that had to recover the bodies reported that the stench inside the house was disgusting…”I can tell you I stood outside the home for about an hour yesterday, and the stench from inside was overwhelming,” the police stated.

Missing-person reports are being checked dating to June 2005, when Sowell was released from prison.

It looks like the penitentiary system failed to rehabilitate another criminal, setting him free to prey on the innocent unsuspecting citizens in a family oriented community.

Anthony Sowell spent his 15 year imprisonment plotting and planning how to not be captured when he eventually waS set free, and came back to society much worse than when he went in.

This could stand as a case for our society to apply capital punishment or life imprisonment for all convicted rapist, throughout our land, to ensure the safety of our law-abiding citizens.

Here is an AP report on YouTube about this horrific crime….

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