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Oprah Winfrey and Payless shoes team up to give you 50% on all shoes in their stores

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I think Payless shoes are a bargain for the shopper that needs to watch your wallet…like I try to do, or if you have some children that are growing out of their shoes.

Payless is offering 50 percent off all their shoes in their stores nationwide, and Oprah has teamed up with them to distribute the coupons on-line.Trick is, is that the offer is good only today, October 30th, by the end of their business day.

So…if you like their Christian Siriano collection, of simply need an extra pair of kicks at a ridiculous savings,…stop reading, go to Oprah’s site and download the coupon.

Time is running out….

I just love Oprah, she knows what we all need, and that’s a bargain.Payless is already inexpensive, so this means the shoes are almost free…but just almost.

You still have to print out that coupon to get your 5o percent, and hope Payless shoes is not running a sham on Oprah, like KFC did with that lie about free chicken…

2 Responses to “Oprah Winfrey and Payless shoes team up to give you 50% on all shoes in their stores”

  1. Just like to say thanks for what you do oprah Love you and also payless thank you to Saeson Greeting from my family to yours to

  2. thank you oprah and payless it was a big help for me a mom of 3 kids by the age of 8,5and 3may god bless you just like you bless my familly…love your show.

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