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Eddie Murphy scheduled to appear on the finale of Tyra Bank’s ”America’s Top Model”…It’s a far better idea than the blackface episode…

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We have just been informed that Eddie Murphy will be in attendance on the season finale of ”America’s Top Model” that will aired on the CW network on Nov.18th. We encourage you all to watch.

He will not be in a judges chair, nor will he be judging the contestants, but he will be in the audience sitting next to Tyra Banks…hmm. I hope this stunt goes better than the blackface stunt she ran in the latest episode.

Tyra recently took the models to Hawaii, and give them a history lesson on the  mixed race culture there, the black face make-up and it’s context as to the new shoot, and asked the models to wear black face make up to mimic a race on the island.

Sort of like Al Jolson in the ”Jazz Singer” or a minstrel show. Bad call Tyra…but I still love you. I know what you were meaning to convey, but it probably went over the heads of some of the audience, so that is the bad call I am speaking of.

People hated that, because of our history with blackface in our culture, it is definitely looked upon as a racist tradition

Eddie Murphy will come to your rescue, the good brother that he is.

 Eddie and Tyra are not going public with their relationship, but Eddie will be there with Tyra in support of his beautiful daughter Bria, who will be taking part, walking the runway, in a fashion show, with the final contestants.

We ran a short article so we could show you her pictures last week, and she continues to make the news. Good for you Bria, get your hustle on….

The designer who has hired Bria to show off  her clothes on the runway, is fashion designer  Julia Clancey .

Bria’s mother is former top model, and drop dead gorgeous, Nicole Murphy,now going by the name Nicole Mitchell, and  Bria resembles her mom. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

I know Eddie will be proud, and we expect to see that big Eddie Murphy smile.

You did good Mr.Murphy, and we will continue to support Bria, as she grows and develops her career. 

[picapp src=”b/9/6/c/36th_Annual_Daytime_6a67.jpg?adImageId=7023562&imageId=6245680″ width=”234″ height=”353″ /] [picapp src=”2/a/b/8/Special_Screening_Of_a81a.jpg?adImageId=7023606&imageId=6391964″ width=”380″ height=”552″ /] [picapp src=”a/d/b/7/Macys_Passport_2009_a5e6.jpg?adImageId=7023835&imageId=6877346″ width=”380″ height=”527″ /]

Watch Bria Murphy rip the runway on ATM , November 18th, on the CW network.

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