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Singer Phil Perry is Alive and Kicking, and can’t wait to see all of you!!!

'The Gift Of Love' avalible now

'The Gift Of Love' avalible now

We have just been informed by a close personal friend and business associate of Mr Phil Perry, that Phil is recuperating from his health scare that occurred to him this past weekend.

Great news!!!

This is the news that all his fans were waiting to here, and you can count on this source for the accuracy of this joyous information.

The internet and blogosphere had been awash with the rumors of Phil Perry’s death, and Wikipedia was reported to have listed him as having passed away. They have since revised the story.

When you find yourself in the hospital over a fainting spell, the last thing you want to read on-line is that you have died! You really just want to hear things like ”’get well soon”……”hope everything is okay”…, because you are already scared enough, at least I would be.

I think that the rush to be the first one with an exclusive story causes writers and bloggers, like myself, to publish a story that may not be factual, and many of us do not have the infrastructure to do the traditional fact checking that is standard at the traditional news services.

So, with every new advancement there are some bad side effects, that we all can work toward resolving. I know I will.

I will because I see that people are reading, watching, and listening to me, and my blog, and I see that it can have positive as well as negative effects on the lives of the subjects and celebrities that we report on. Phil Perry’s friend had some good advice for me on this topic, which was fair.

In the exchange with this gentleman I could feel his concern for his friend, and I could only relate to his emotions by putting myself in his shoes. We have all been pulling for a loved one who has fallen ill suddenly and unexpectedly, and you never know how it will turn out, but all you want to hear is that everything will be alright.

My natural reaction is to be defensive, but that’s the child in me. I need to focus on the good news that was being communicated to me, and spread the good rumor, and squash the bad one’s.

I get it, and I can support that sentiment.

Phil Perry is alive and kicking, and ready to get out and promote his new album with Melba Moore entitled ”The Gift of Love which was released on September the 29th of this year.The duo has scheduled a tour in support of the new album release, which is greatly anticipated by their fans.

Phil Perry is still set to do all he can to promote and perform the new material and album, and most of all, he looks forward to meeting his fans with Melba Moore.

The following is a quote directly from the business associate and good friend of Phil Perry, who spoke to him today…

His spirits are high ..look forward to “The gift of love” tour
He wants his fans to know he is well and has to mend
Melba Moore & Phil Perry Duets and solo’s
Cd Released 9/29/09 in all major stores
and all internet outlets…

You all can go to… for more information, and updates on the tour, and album release.

Let’s all support this new album, buy tickets to the tour, and continue to enjoy Phil Perry music and songs for years to come,and at the same time, we are also supporting the fabulous Melba Moore.

This is a win-win situation for us all, and keep Phil Perry in your prayers.



4 Responses to “Singer Phil Perry is Alive and Kicking, and can’t wait to see all of you!!!”

  1. Thank you jerry and yes people are watching
    Nothing like spreading the Good news
    i will support your blog’s
    God Bless Ron Richardson/Melba Moore
    Stay lifted & Positive Happy early Holidays to you & Family

  2. Group hug, and love to you and yours my friend…
    You can count on me….lol.

  3. phill Perry is a great singer I like the song forever and is it you

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