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Protest group’Citizens Against CIF’ in San Diego claims discrimination against our children in local High School Sports

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A call for an investigation into allegations of ‘a perception of a bias and discrimination’ has been issued by a protest group calling themselves the  Citizensagainst Cif-sandiego.

They are accusing the  governing board for high school sports in  San Diego,the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), San Diego section, of a pattern of discrimination in administering its rules,unfair and unequal administration of the rules and regulations, and of holding a biased attitude against schools from disadvantaged areas.

One of the main issues cited to me by a parent from a school that is regularly discriminated against in the city, is that …”the CIF punishes and investigates athletes and schools South of the I- 8 freeway more extensively and more rigorously, and are punishing them more severely, then they have done with the athletes and schools in the more affluent areas of the city North of the 8”…

The affluent areas that she speaks of North of Interstate 8 in San Diego are places like the Scripps Ranch ,Rancho Bernardo, and Poway.One of the areas discriminated against in San Diego is called Southeast San Diego.

Poway residents have on an average a  median income per household  of $96,474, and the median income for a family living in Poway is estimated to be  $103,972, making it the 25th most expensive zip code in the United States.

In the last census taken in 2000, just to get an idea of the population in Poway, the racial makeup of the city was 82.85% White, 7.46% Asian, 1.67% African American, 0.48% Native American, 0.28% Pacific Islander, 3.27% from other races, and 3.99% from two or more races. Across all races 10.35% are Hispanic or Latino.

In Scripps Ranch, The median household income was $122,840; 46% of the 11,661 households made $100,000 or more and 7% made $29,999 or less, and the racial makeup of the neighborhood was 71% White, 15% Asian & Pacific Islander, 7.8% Hispanic, 3.7% from other races, 2.4% African American, and .01% American Indian…The source for this information is Wikipedia, so the information is an approximation,but does give you a realistic view of the areas in question.

In contrast,our source describes the make-up of Southeast San Diego like this…. Southeast San Diego had long struggled with an image problem plagued by street gangs, drug dealing, assaults, and homicide throughout its communities.Many of the inhabitants in these neighborhoods are working class or lower-income. The racial make up of the area is approximately Filipino (35%), followed by Hispanic-Latino (34%), Black (21%), and non-Hispanic White (4.0%),… (quoted from Wikipedia).

The source also states that  at one of the discriminated against high schools in southeast,  …roughly 63% of the student body is eligible for a Free or Reduced-Price Lunch, a figure that reflects the working-class nature of the area…

I am from one of the areas that make up a part of this community, and I am familiar with Poway and the areas north of I-8.In fact, when I was an instructor at a local art college in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, I would frequently be called to go on recruitment events at the local high schools during their career days. All the schools do a career day, and typically colleges and trade schools promote themselves and recruit for new students at theses events.

I was always happy to do it, and for the most part I was always well recieved.We were very succesful.

After a while, I noticed that I was always lecturing and recruiting at the high schools in the Northern county of San Diego, where the public school facilities are impressive, but never at any of the schools South of the 8 freeway, in the southern parts of our city.

I thought that it was just bad timing, and that it was a coincidence that I was never booked to recruit in the city, and that they were sending someone else, who possibly prefered those area high schools.

I eventually asked to go to school in the southern district, to recruit for new students, and I was told that there was no ongoing effort to recruit students from those areas because the tuition for our school was out of reach for the majority of the students at those high schools, so we do not go there.

I cite that example above to illustrate the basic attitude here in San Diego.If you have ever been to San Diego,or have visited here on a vacation, you were either in the Gaslamp district downtown, which is like the French Quarters in New Orleans, or you were at the beach and north of interstate 8.

You are probably surprised to hear that there is a minority community in San Diego, because what you see is that 49.36% of the population is non-Hispanic white.

The city has traditionally harbored an apartheid attitude towards the minority population here in the cit of San Diego.They have famously been discovered to have a policy of racial profiling and over policing of the urban communities, and for it to be such a small percentage of the population of San Diego, I have to ask, what is the threat?

The powers that be in the cities high school sports governing board are perpetuating this well deserved perception of racial and economic elitism by unfairly administering the rules,and using them as a weapon to selectively prosecute our children in the affected areas that include the Southeast San Diego and Eastlake schools,and systematically destroy the athletic programs and traditional dominance of these schools.

Without this type of hinderance that is the obsession of commissioner Dennis Ackerman, whose staff enforces CIF rules and investigates possible violations involving improper recruiting and player eligibility,The schools in the Northern part of the city would not ever have a hope of winning any type of CIF sports championship, outside of surfing and volleyball, tennis maybe, golf and fencing.

That is how it had been for years, until the more affluent parents and school councils in the rich areas colluded to break up the physical dominance of the Southeast schools in sports, by wielding the unfair and harsh application of the rules like a weapon to slaughter the hopes and dreams of our urban inner city children.

It is an old trick, and these little devils all read from the sam book of tricks. In the political arena, they call it redistricting, and what that does is recreate community boundaries in order to include a disproportional amount of white conservative voters, so they can continue to unfairly handle the minority citizens of their community.

In the CIF, the commissioner is just blatantly practicing his biases with the rules, openly, because, frankly, Dennis Ackerman knows that no one that has any real power or authority in San Diego is going to care less if he discriminates against the urban children or not.

It is quite possibly the mandate he had when he was given the position by the powers that be in the city of San Diego.They probably gave him a raise.

My parental source, Citizensagainst Cif-sandiego organizer and parent to a local high school football star,Cathy Dean, gave me this report as an example of the CIF Dennis Ackerman discrimination and bias with administering the rules….

…”Generally when doing investigations against schools South of the 8, it is long and drawn out, people are called in and questioned, and if according to the CIF that ”so called” sufficient information is found, the punishment is severe. When that same investigation is applied to schools in the North, like Poway high, the investigation is usually real swift and most of the time, if there is anything done ,it is usually left up to the school to take care the of the problem, in-house, without any outside governing from the CIF commissioner…
She also states this specific case as a great example of commissioner Ackerman’s double standard….
…”A prime example would be the Robinson twins, excellent ball players in both football and basketball. They attended the Rock Academy as 8th graders..only 8th grade. They decided along with their mom to attend high school at their neighborhood High School, which is about 5 minutes away from their home. That school is called Lincoln High school, and is where football Hall of famer Marcus Allen and several other NFL  veterans went to school.
Their coach from their junior high school called Ackerman at the CIF and an  investigation was started .
The claim was that the boys were being influenced by outside recruiters to attend Lincoln, which is a violation of CIF rules.
They boys have always participated in sports within their community, while growing up. So it was pretty much academic that once they moved on to high school that Lincoln would be where they would end up. The basketball coach from The Rock school called CIF, and what started off as a basketball issue became also a football issue. The boys were held out of the first couple of games, had to answer questions along with their mom to the CIF…at the end of the day they were cleared and making and are making a  contribution to their team, but had this been a school and athletes that are North of the 8 like at Poway or Scripps Ranch,then it wouldn’t have went down like this…
Several students and parents feel the same as Cathy, when it comes to the CIF section in San Diego.
The perception of unfairness stems from this example that was reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune ….

Several players from the Eastlake High girls basketball team report that the San Diego Section booted the Titans from the playoffs last year, accusing them of having an ineligible ninth-grader who used false addresses to gain enrollment at Eastlake middle and high schools. Eastlake team members denied it. Coach Janet Eleazar recently was fired amid such allegations of improper recruiting, which she denied….Others at the meeting asked why the wrestling and baseball programs at Poway, where section Commissioner Dennis Ackerman lives, didn’t face serious penalties after facing similar accusations. Eastlake and San Diego High, in a similar case, ended up with fired coaches and forfeited games….

The answer to that question lies in the fact that Dennis Ackerman is a  Poway resident, and has a son on a Poway sports team, which he is actively involved in, if not just as in involved parent.

This is the classic ”Fox” …watching the hen house”…and Ackerman is the fox, and the minority children are his hens.

How can the city of San Diego allow this obvious conflict of interest, and blatant discrimination go on.Even if some of them agree with the effects of the discrimination, their business sense should kick in, and they should understand that the glare of the national media investigating all involved in these allegations will not be positive for our tax base, which is decimated due to the Republican created recession.

Ackerman is defeating the urban children with his power as a commissioner, doing what he knows Poway high and all the schools in the North counties could not do physically on the field of competition, in a fair sports match.

I know that he wants his friends and neighbor to be able to enjoy a CIF championship with his kids, and obviously he wants to ensure that will happen.The weker North county schools were never dominant in sports in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, and he wanted to return the CIF to the traditions that occurred prior to civil rights, when the black and mexican schools by law were not allowed to compete against the white schools.

Segregation was and is the only way for the CIF to have championships outside of the inner city in physically demanding sports like football, baseball, and basketball.

What they want to prevent is another Marcus Allen or Terrell Davis to happen. These football legends come from the inner city, became local football stars, got scholarships to college, wo championships in college, won Superbowl in the NFL, made a ton of money, and came back to our community to spread the wealth, encourage future athletes, and act as positive role models for our youths.

They hate this, because they would like for our kids to look up to gangsters, drug dealers, pimps, and career criminals as their role models for their futures.

Ackerman looks at our children as trash,and has no hesitation in crushing their dreams, and forget about human compassion. It is the same motivation behind those that protest against universal healthcare for all that can not afford it. The racist see that if minorities can not pay for healthcare, then our children will not be strong, and we may die off quickly, which is not quick enough for these local CIF bigots.

Our families will not sit back and allow this to happen to our children, any more without dissent!

The spokesman for the protest group says that they are not against the rules, but they are against the unfair administering of the rules, and has a report on several instances of this impropriety.

They want them to be applied consistently and fairly, which is not happening at this time.

On Tuesday, the CIF board that supervises Ackerman,Larry Perondi, listened to several citizen complaints on this matter and committed to opening an investigation on the allegations against the CIF San Diego section.

The CIF contends that it is not a racist organization,but Rush Limbaugh claims he is not a racist as well.

We will keep you posted on the developments of this story.

Click on the link below to see a local news broadcast report covering this story…

Here is a link to a report from the local newspaper in San Diego, the Union-Tribune…

4 Responses to “Protest group’Citizens Against CIF’ in San Diego claims discrimination against our children in local High School Sports”

  1. Many victims of CIF actions are out there, you listed just a few.

    • The article was getting way too long…but I would like to hear of more victims of the CIF, and do a new follow-up article to this one.
      It is getting a lot of traffic recently, so it is on the minds of a lot of people.
      Thanks for the comment!!!!

  2. Great organisation! I think sports is good for boys and girls especially when they have trouble focussing in school or inside their own family..
    Without sports life will be a mistake
    My name is Mary Alice Hill and I used to train Olympians in San Diego

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