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Teen Homecoming Gang Rape In Front of Laughing Witnesses Investigated in Northern California

Homecoming Teen Gang Rape

Homecoming Teen Gang Rape

The AP is reporting that on this past Saturday at a High school Homecoming celebration that a teen was gang raped in front of several witnesses who not only did not stop the attack, but they actually were laughing and enjoying watching the brutality occur.

Now, maybe they will all be imprisoned and they will get the chance to feels how it is to be  gang raped for the sadistic pleasure of a bunch of large burly penitentiary cellmates.

They all sound like a bunch of little punksto me  anyway. The following describes a report of what happened…

Police believe as many as a dozen people watched a 15-year-old girl get beaten and gang-raped  for at least two hours outside her California high school homecoming dance but didn’t report it.

The attack occurred Saturday around 9:30 p.m. after the girl had left the dance and was waiting for a ride from her father. She saw a male student she knew, who took her to a dark alley behind one of the school buildings, Richmond police said.

Police said alcohol was consumed but were awaiting toxicology tests.

The male student and about six others began raping and beating the girl. As she struggled, more than a dozen witnesses passed by or watched what was going on. The ordeal lasted 2 to 2 1/2 hours, police said.

Police Lt. Mark Gagan said today “This is just a horrific crime,…She was raped, beaten, robbed and dehumanized by several suspects who were obviously OK enough with it to behave that way in each other’s presence,”…

She was airlifted to a local hospital in critical condition. Her condition has since been upgraded to stable, police said.

The officers detained a  man who was seen running from the high school shortly after the attack. 19-year-old Manuel Ortega, a former student at Richmond High, was arrested shortly after the incident. He faces charges of rape, robbery and false imprisonment in the case. His bail has been set at $800,000

Police Chief Chris Magnus released a statement Monday in which he called the case, startling, horrific and sickening.

“Our assumption is that when parents bring the kids to the school, to the dance, that they also arrange for a safe ride back,” said spokesman Marin Trujillo. “If kids wish to leave the dance in the middle of the dance, we assume they have a safe ride back. There’s a limit to what we can do.”

Investigators were questioning two students Monday evening at the police station in Richmond, a city of 104,000 16 miles northeast of San Francisco.

Let’s hope that these young men that victimized this young lady are taken away from society, and through personal experience on the receiving end of a rape, that they can get counseling after they learn not to rape and torture ever again, if that is a possibility.

I hope the young lady receives the counseling and love that she will need for years to come, as she suffers from the effects of the brutality she endured.

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9 Responses to “Teen Homecoming Gang Rape In Front of Laughing Witnesses Investigated in Northern California”


    I somehow think that poster betrays the situation. The real issue is poverty in America.

    • I went to your blog, so I am aware that you are familiar with the David Cash,jr. case….I saw it linked to a comment by one of your regular readers..
      ..and Mr Cash was from a upper class family with upper class finances and priviliges, and he acted barbarically,just like the people who committed and witnessed this act of brutatality.
      This one example seems to negate your hypothesis that this is an issue brought on by poverty in America.
      The majority of the poor population in America, are single white mothers, …as well as a large percentage of the minority groups here in the USA, black, mexican, and to a lesser extent asians.
      Given these realities, the poster seems more than appropriate, and you may be prejudicial in your opinions, for some reason that is propbably personal to your experience in life, but are in fact baseless and misguided..
      Well, the …baseless and misguided.. quip may be too harsh I admit, but it sounded
      Really though, I like how you write, even though I might disagree with ”some of” what you say, but that would not be unusual, based on reading your blog on the internet, so I will not dismiss your ideas, or diminish your influence.
      I just think that we have got to stop basing our opinions on ”emotional feelings” about race, poverty, etc. in America, because the ”rumors” are more pervasive than the truth.
      You are spreading opinions based on rumors of the law, and rumors of the poverty and crime make-up in America.
      I am not saying that is wrong, in fact, my experience in the judicial system has allowed me to see that most people believe the rumor about statistics and laws, because it falls in line with their prejudices of our society,..but in court, we only act upon the facts.
      Your freedom to say anything is guarrenteed by the Constitution, but we all know that in court,everthing that is said, can not be proven to be the truth in a court of law….
      Thanks for the comment, but I stand by the appropriatness of the poster, because it reflects the race of the most prolific violent criminals in America.

  2. In fact I told him his picture of white kids at a prom was a mis-characterization of the school at Richmond”…

    I got this comment from this Michael Kraemer on his site because I was confused by his comment here, and as always wanted ome clarifiation..
    I somehow think that poster betrays the situation. The real issue is poverty in America…

    He informed me that he feels that only black people represent poverty and crime in America, and my picture is of white kids that do not represent poverty and crime in America etc. etc.etc..
    I guess some people feel like African Americans should be the face of poverty and crime in America, which is not the case at all in any organizations statistic, but it is a myth perpetuated by the mainstream media, and mainstream bloggers.
    What is more suspicous is that this guy considers himself a liberal thinker, which is dangerous.
    People, we are not ciminals, or whatever they portray us to be, it is all slanted propaganda designed to incite rage against us, an especially our children.
    Those liberals that portray themselves as being on our side, are really wolves in sheeps clothing, and I will always challenge that at all levels.
    We are decendents of kings and queens, and we can ‘Do for ourselve”,
    because some that say they are our friends, are really our downfall.
    Trust no one.

  3. You are too self righteous to see the error you have committed.You are more concerned with your own objectives than with the issue. Shame on you.

    Portraying a situation in an accurate light is good journalism and is helpful to society. Using a white centric picture betrays the social reality the predominately black community in Richmond must live with. You see if you gloss over this fact is like ignoring the plight of a entire race. Jerry, you have committed the crime of the mainstream media. Not showing the victims of war never brings the atrocity home to the average member of society.

    • and to quickly jump in before jerry attacks me on “average member of society” , I simply mean a person. There isn’t some coded racial connotation behind this. This type of qualifier is exactly why people are afraid to talk race …

  4. You are the only one concerned with the ”white people” in this picture, so I have to say that you are the problem.
    You obviously want me to perpetuate a sterotype that is false, and you seem to have no shame about it.
    That tells me that you are not aware of what you speak about, and are committed to the rumor, and reject the truth.
    You have no shame, which is dangerous for a faux intllectual.
    We all know the truth, and we do appreciate exposing our oppressors here on the Jerrybrice blog, so I think it is only fair for me to give you a little PR…You guys drove a ton of traffic to my blog…lol.

  5. …As an update on the case, six of the ten males assumed to be involved have been arrested. Three of those involved have been charged with rape in concert and sexual penetration with a foreign object. They may earn a lifetime in prison. Thankfully, the girl was released from the hospital Wednesday…
    Source Heather McIntosh-The PC Cartel


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