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Laptop lost pilots lose thier pilots licenses.

Wayward Pilots

Wayward Pilots

Wayward Northwest airline pilots Capt. Timothy B. Cheney, 53, and First Officer Richard I. Cole, 54 were finally stripped of their pilots licenses this afternoon, by the  Federal Aviation Administration.

Their right to fly has been permanently revoked.

The two Northwest Airlines pilots  overshot a Minnesota airport by 150 miles during a 78-minute period of radio silence last week. On Monday, they claimed to have been distracted by what they were doing on their personal laptops, that time seemed to move faster than they thought.

Being someone who flies out of the San Diego airport quite frequently, I am glad that I do not have to worry about these two manning the cockpit of any flight that I may be on.

This is just unforgivable if you are a commercial pilot.

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