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Eddie Murphy’s Oldest Daughter Bria, Looks Hot in the new Gucci Mane video

Bria Murphy is making moves...

Bria Murphy is making moves...

Bria Murphy has been making her rounds on the red carpet a lot more lately, and she is looking hot.

Lucky for her, she has inherited her mother’s good looks, as well as her modeling ability.

Now, we all can see her, as she is featured in rapper Gucci Mane’s new music video for his latest single ”Spotlight” where she is quite appropriately playing the leading lady in the video.

The video is directed by Benny Boom and was filmed in Gucci’s hometown, Atlanta.

Usher shares the spotlight with Gucci and Bria, but the men will definitely be blown away by the class and beauty of Bria Murphy.

No release date has been announced for the video, but will be the lead single off of Gucci Mane’s second studio album entitled  “The State vs. Radric Davis”.

We have some shots from the set of the video, as well as some red carpet shots taken recently of Eddie and Nicole’s little girl, who is looking all grown up.

Gucci and Bria

Gucci and Bria

Bria having fun...

Bria having fun...

Beautiful Bria Murphy...

Beautiful Bria Murphy...

Bria on the Red Carpet

[picapp src=”a/8/b/c/Macys_Passport_2009_3d46.jpg?adImageId=6774587&imageId=6877264″ width=”234″ height=”430″ /] [picapp src=”9/7/d/3/27th_Annual_Macys_7d81.JPG?adImageId=6776780&imageId=6614601″ width=”234″ height=”344″ /] [picapp src=”f/d/0/e/Macys_Passport_2009_d889.jpg?adImageId=6776877&imageId=6877266″ width=”234″ height=”379″ /] [picapp src=”2/a/e/5/Hollywood_Hits_the_74cd.jpg?adImageId=6776970&imageId=6612118″ width=”234″ height=”322″ /] [picapp src=”9/1/4/6/27th_Annual_Macys_717d.JPG?adImageId=6777048&imageId=6614605″ width=”234″ height=”346″ /] [picapp src=”8/a/c/f/27th_Annual_Macys_502c.jpg?adImageId=6777057&imageId=6615588″ width=”234″ height=”347″ /] [picapp src=”5/5/2/8/52796_Universal_City_8f3c.jpg?adImageId=6777127&imageId=5572132″ width=”278″ height=”354″ /]

Bria with her intact family, in 1996.

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