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DC sniper John Allen Muhammad chooses to die by lethal injection on Nov. 10th…finally!

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Convicted master mind John Allen Muhammad, who orchestrated and assisted in the reign of terror that followed the citizens of the Washington,D.C. area in 2002 is set to be executed in a method of his own choosing, which is by lethal injection.

He inadvertently made the choice, by refusing to make a choice, which triggered the default choice by the state to have him die by lethal injection. His refusal to choose was an effort by Muhammad to not acknowledge or participate in his sentencing, but that did not make the reality of his impending execution go away.

It is always suspect to me, that a mass murderer who had unsuspecting and unarmed men , women and children killed by his brainwashed follower, that he would value his own life and try to squirm out of his well-earned execution, at a date and time that he has full knowledge of.

He is probably so delusional as to think he is a martyr, or a political prisoner, but that is his narcissism that is clouding his perception of reality.

Muhammad is scheduled to be executed Nov. 10 for the October 2002 slaying of Dean Harold Meyers at a Manassas gas station during a string of shootings.

Muhammad and his teenage accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, were also suspected of shootings in several other states, including a killing in Louisiana and another in Alabama. Malvo is serving a life sentence in prison.

Marion Lewis, a father of a slain victim of Muhammad and Malvo, plans on being in attendance at the Muhammad execution. A reality television program is paying his way there, and compensating him for his time. The AP reports that Lewis made these following statements concerning the execution…

If Lewis had his way, he’d take Washington, D.C.-area sniper John Allen Muhammad into the Idaho desert near his home and kill him slowly, over three days.

“He would be screaming the whole time. That’s why I can’t claim to be a good Christian,” said Lewis, whose 25-year-old daughter was killed in Maryland in the 2002 sniper spree…

Though Lewis acknowledges he feels “a little ghoulish,” he called syndicated news program Inside Edition looking for help to pay for a journey he believes will put some semblance of closure on his daughter’s murder.

“There’s never been any question about watching that animal die, for me,” said Lewis, who lives with his wife, Jo, and two beagles in a scruffy home two miles from the tidy cemetery where his daughter is buried.

His daughter, Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera, was vacuuming her minivan Oct. 3, 2002 at a gas station near where she lived in Silver Spring, Md., when Muhammad and his young accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, gunned her down.

She was just one of 10 people gunned down by the two in their two-week murder spree across the country.

Muhammad’s lawyers have asked the Virginia governor for clemency and plan to file an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court early next month.

Shooting unarmed working people in the back, at a distance with a scope, is the act of a coward, and John Allen Muhammad is the epitome of a delusional coward.

He has sealed his own fate.

In a related story, his former wife has written a book about her life under the gun of John Allen Muhammad.

Mildred Muhammad, former wife of the convicted DC sniper John Allen Muhammad, has released   her memoir ‘Scared Silent’. 

 Mildred Muhammad talked about the domestic violence she had suffered in her marriage with John Allen Muhammad, and the tragic events that happened after their divorce, which led up to the sniper killing in the DC area in October, 2002.

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