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Jasper Howard’s funeral held this morning…family, friends, and UConn teammates mourn for him

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Jasper Howard, the slain UConn football star, was laid to rest today in Miami, as hundreds of his family, friends, and team mates delivered moving tributes, and eulogized him, by reflecting on his life, his accomplishments, and his contribution to his community and society at large.

A viewing was held Sunday, a week after Howard was fatally stabbed to death after having the pivotal role in defeating Louisville in last weeks game. He received the game ball from the coach for his efforts.

The funeral was scheduled for  Monday so Howard’s teammates could attend.

The service lasted nearly three hours and was attended by about 1,700 people.
Teammates Kijuan Dabney and Kashif Moore, UConn head coach Randy Edsall and assistant coach Scott Lakatos, Howard’s position coach, spoke at the services.

Former UConn players Donald Brown, Tyler Lorenzen and Danny Lansanah were there.
Huskies coach Randy Edsall addressed the mourners. Edsall praised Howard, saying the 20-year-old was “on track for greatness.”

Howard was fatally stabbed outside a dance on Connecticut’s campus last week. No one has been charged in his death.

Shortly after the funeral services concluded, Howard was interred at a nearby cemetery.Howard’s casket was open and he was dressed in a light blue suit and blue and gray football gloves, similar to those he wore on the field for UConn.

The team arrived on four white buses for Jasper Howard’s funeral Monday morning. Each man carried a single white rose, tied with a blue ribbon, as he walked into the church in Howard’s hometown.

Howard’s teammates paid tribute to the cornerback at Saturday’s game against West Virginia. Two UConn players carried his helmet and jersey before kickoff and both West Virginia and Connecticut players wore stickers on their helmets during the game.

Connecticut players also held hands and bowed their heads for a moment of silence.

Howard’s mother, Joanglia, went out of her way to comfort many of young people in attendance as they entered the church.
“It was a dose of reality for some surely,” Edsall said. “For me, I can’t comment on the other players, but I was just glad I got the chance to see him again, pay my respects, say a prayer for him.

Following the service a horse and carriage carried the casket to the cemetery for the burial service, which the team did no attend.

My he find peace as he makes his transition into history. He will be missed, as he was preparing to become a father for the first time.

Now, a child will be raised without the love and support from his dad.

Here is an AP YouTube report from the service…

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