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Female Saudi Journalist Sentenced to 60 Lashes for News Report on Sex

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Fox news is lucky that they promote their terrorism, sedition, and treasonist acts against the United States government, under the safety and freedom that they exploit, yet are guaranteed to them, under our Constitution.

Obviously, they are a neocon zealot wing of the Republican party, like the Nazi party,that is committed to destroying the very fabric of our country, and replace it with their bigoted, racist form of government. They also want to end  freedom for minorities, and turn back time, and return America to the Jim Crow policies that were more oppressive than the apartheid system that failed South Africa.

Our country is one of the few that allow the news services to incite treasonist acts against the government,and it’s people. The following report from the AP uncovers how Saudi Arabia deals with an irresponsible press…

Rozanna al-Yami, a Saudi television journalist, has been sentenced to 60 lashes with a whip, for her role in producing, editing, and airing a news report about the sexual exploits of a Saudi man, Mazen Abdul-Jawad, sexual exploits.

Openly discussing sex is taboo and against the law in the notoriously conservative Islamic Arab nation of Saudi Arabia. The rights of women are limited, and there is absolutely no promise of freedom of the press.

In the program, broadcast in July on the Lebanese satellite channel LBC, the Saudi man Mazen Abdul-Jawad, described his active sex life, and showed sex toys, which the station blurred. The same court sentenced Mr. Abdul-Jawad to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes.

 The program scandalized this conservative country, and the government shut down LBC’s two offices in the kingdom.

Abdul Jawad claims that the LBC edited and re-contextualized a long video shoot into a short segment to present him in the worst possible light.

“LBC has violated printing and publications regulations by portraying Abdul Jawad in a bad manner, particularly as it goes against the religious values and traditions of Saudi Arabia. It was the channel that violated these values first when it filmed the segment.

The channel also violated Saudi law by operating from an unlicensed Jeddah office.”

The journalist, Rozanna al-Yami, 22, is believed to be the first female Saudi journalist to be given such a punishment. The charges included involvement in preparing the program and advertising it on the Internet. Ms. Yami said she had worked as a coordinator for the program but had not worked on the episode in question. She said the judge, in the western city of Jidda, had handed down the sentence “as a deterrence.”

“I am too frustrated and upset to appeal the sentence,” Ms. Yami said.

Three of Mazen Abdul-Jawad friends who appeared on the show got two years each.

The lawyer for Mazen Abdul-Jawad is complaining about the lack of severity in the punishment for the female journalist al-Yami, expressing that it would not be a deterrent unless it was a harsher sentence.

LBC has made no comment about the cases. LBC is part-owned by the Saudi media mogul and billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

A free press is looking even better to me now. Do not take our freedoms, and liberties for granted, and most of all, use them responsibly, but at all times, speak your mind, without the threat of imprisonment.

For more info. on this story, click the link below…

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