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Tyler Perry Angered Over Spike Lee Calling Him a Coon and Declares his Movies a Form of Coonery

Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon...selling sneakers

Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon...selling sneakers

As usual,Spike Lee, a corny, arrogant, uppity, elitist ,hypocrite Morehouse graduate is trying to declare himself as the arbiter of all that is black in the film and T.V. business, and in doing so has set the African-American filmmaker back to the days of segregation, as he has, with all the low-class flare that is so intrinsic in Morehouse graduates, lambasted wildy succesful filmmaker, Tyler Perry, over the content of his films and T.V. shows,and has dismissed Tyler Perry as an Uncle Tom who is perpetuating ”Coonery” and ”Bufoonery”with his entertainment properties.

Tyler Perry said Spike Lee needs to shut the hell up!!!

Tyler Perry said Spike Lee needs to shut the hell up!!!

Sounds like Spike Lee is jealous once again, that another African-American filmmaker would have the nerve to be successful in the same arena, that Spike has failed in,and that is making a profitable and entertaining library of T.V. and film properties.

He is also mad that Tyler Perry has been able to own his own projects, his own studio production facilities, and has a financially sound independent production company that is not reliant upon the so-called ”white man” feeling sorry for black people or not.

He has got to know that the only way he gets to have one of his boring projects funded is by scaring the white executives in to believing that they would be labeled as racist if they did not give in to his childishness.

I saw little Spike Lee, who Arsenio and I call ”Spud Flea” at the student Academy Awards in Beverly Hills in 1983 with his father, and the both of them were hanging with me all night, and were very cool ,especially his dad, but by the second time we encountered each other in 1990, he was insulting to my date because she was a light skin girl, and he just dissed me, which I took offense to. We  were all in the V.I.P. section of a club, and he was sitting at our table after we had been there for some time.

They had to call security on us, because Spike is a little guy, who has a little man’s complex, that he can not physically back up.

So, for full disclosure, I do not have any respect for him. He just talks trash, and hopes that his fame protects him from getting a beat down.

Tyler Perry's portrayal of popular character 'Madea' called coonery by Spike Lee

Tyler Perrys portrayal of popular character Madea called coonery by Spike Lee

If you follow his dispute, all of them are with other black celebrities, and his main complaint, is that we are not as black as he is. He has called out Arsenio Hall, Eddie Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, Master P, and now Tyler Perry.

He is the Benedict Arnold/Judas for the African-American entertainer and filmmaker.

In 1991, when he was a guest editor for Entertainment Weekly, he took the opportunity to write a couple of articles blasting Arsenio for not being black enough like him, and called him an uncle Tom.

To answer him, I created and animated the cartoon character ”Spud Flea” who spends his time telling people that they are not black, as if they do not know, or they are not militant enough.  View Spud Flea cartoon here…

Spud Flea(aka Spike Lee) telling Chunky-A that he is not black enough...

Spud Flea(aka Spike Lee) telling Chunky-A that he is not black enough...

Now, he has gone after Tyler Perry, who is well-loved and respected, as he is providing creative opportunities for black writers, actors, and craft people.

This makes Spike mad, as he only seems to hire his family members, old friends, a lot of white people, of course, and he has no hope of owning any of his copyrights or negatives to his films.He knows that he would lose money on his own projects, just like any studio that has ever invested in his special form of melodrama.

CBS news, on tomorrows 60 minutes program has this report on the feud started by the classless Spud, I mean Spike Flee…

In an interview earlier this year, Lee attacked Perry’s two cable television sitcoms about black families, saying “I think there’s a lot of stuff out today that is coonery and buffoonery,’ referring directly to Perry’s TBS programs “Meet the Browns” and “House of Payne.” “I’m scratching my head. We’ve got a black president. Are we going back?”

Says Perry, “You know, that pisses me off. It really does. Because it’s so insulting. It’s attitudes like that which make Hollywood think that these people do not exist and that’s why there’s no material speaking to them,” he tells Pitts. “I would love to read that to my fan base.”

Perry first tried to speak to that black audience years ago when he went to Hollywood to get his hit plays produced as films. He was rejected and wound up using his own money to start what became one of the biggest independent film companies in the U.S.

Now, this next quote from Tyler is what makes Spike jealous. He knows that he is basically locked in to the slave mentality, and if the ”white man” does not give in to his incessant begging and pleading, he is totally stopped.

Not Tyler.The next quote s something that you will never hear from Spike Lee again, ever since he became ”THE” epitome of a black filmmaker…

Spike Lee surrounded by his supporters in an elite seat at a NY Nicks game

Spike Lee surrounded by his supporters in an elite seat at a NY Nicks game

“They didn’t open the door. I had to cut a hole in the window to get in,” Perry tells C.B.S.

Spike Lee wants to plug that hole, and get rid of Tyler Perry, as he has been doing to black filmmakers, actors, and artist  for his whole career.

Why does he feel the need to sabotage other black filmmakers, I do not know. At this point, he is definitely the black filmmakers version of Kanye West.

African-Americans are a diverse group of people who have different taste. It is in bad taste that Spike chooses to chastise other filmmakers in is profession as if he has the authority to do so.

As you can see,Spike Lee loves being around his supporters...and speaking solely for black film makers

As you can see,Spike Lee loves being around his supporters...and speaking solely for black film makers

Didn’t his parents ever tell him, if you d not have anything good to say, do not say anything at all.

Interestingly enough, I have noticed that he never says these types of things directly to the person’s face that he is disrespecting, but always through the mass media. He does not even seek out the black press to disrespect us in, but crawls directly to the ”whitemans” media, as he calls it, to stab us all in the back, just like a good little slave.

Given all of these facts, it is fair to deem Spike Lee a coon himself, definitely a hypocrite, just like the rest of his suit wearing corny uppity, Jack and Jill, homophobic alumnae of Morehouse college.

Madea is an obese, authoritative woman Perry plays in drag and Leroy Brown is a good-natured simpleton. They star in his eight films, five of which have opened at number one in box office receipts. Collectively, the films have earned $418 million – one of the highest per-film averages in the industry.

Spike Lee’s movies have been critically acclaimed, but famously have lost money for the studios, rather than made it.

That is truly the underlying problem that Spike has with Tyler Perry, whom he has never met, or spoken to personally.

Now,who is the buffoon and coon….

CBS will air the Tyler Perry interview Sunday,October 25th, at 7pm.

9 Responses to “Tyler Perry Angered Over Spike Lee Calling Him a Coon and Declares his Movies a Form of Coonery”

  1. I was really into and respected Spike Lee, at one time. But after sitting in on one of his college speeches and talks, he is very arrogant, for no reason. Stop being a hater. Can’t we all just get along? Why can’t he be happy for other African Americans in show business. He sounds like the Uncle Tom to me. He should have just called Tyler Perry the “N” word.


  3. Except this time Spike was right, this jackass is setting us back. And the guy who wrote this article should take a lesson in journalism about being objective, because he dick rides Perry from the get go. I thoroughly agree with Lee, this fucking coon jackass is setting us back with his corny one dimensional caricatures. I happen to work for Pixar/Disney, but i can tell you HOllywood is all the same regardless which studio you’re in. The only reason his shit gets green light is because it affirms stereotypes, not disproves them. As long as hes willing to sell his black ass out, somebody will pay him good money to make the rest of us look like jackasses. This was a poorly written article from a severely lacking writer.

  4. […] and people were calling in to express their dislike of the show but here's a great example. Tyler Perry Angered Over Spike Lee Calling Him a Coon and Declares his Movies a Form of Coonery Of course I'm sure someone will say something about Spike being crazy as hell and try to sidestep […]

  5. I’m really late, but in case someone reads your false dilemma shit, like I did, hopefully they’ll get a different perspective. Ad hominems aside, you can easily see how Perry’s films are poorly written with single-dimensional characters and feel-good endings. They are like Christian films but for the African-American community. And you can tell they were once plays, ones that were poorly adapted to the big screen. On the other hand, Lee has made films that belong up there with Citizen Kane: multi-dimensional, realistic dramas, great camera technique, etc. Crash has been the only film to even come close to the greatness of Do the Right Thing, and it isn’t even close.

    Both Lee and Perry could A-holes for all I know, but you have to be smoking if you even dare to compare Tyler’s formulaic shit to the films of a great filmmaker. Earning money doesn’t make your product good, but it can imply a lot about the producer. As the other poster said, you need to get your lips off of Tyler’s ass and got to film school if you want to write about filmmaking. If you’re just playing gossip, then please, keep writing.

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