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Singer Phil Perry Collapses on Stage at Concert in South Connecticut

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On Friday night, gospel singer Phil Perry suddenly collapsed on stage while performing a concert at Southern Connecticut State University.

He was rushed to Yale-New Haven Hospital, and it is reported that he is in critical condition.

Those that were in attendance, reportedly thought that it was a part of his act, as he was telling a joke and singing about his ex-wife, before he was stricken. When he did not move, the emergency staff rushed in and started to perform CPR before the paramedics arrived.

Phil Perry has a new album out called THE GIFT OF LOVE  which was released on September 29th, and  pairs the R&B legend with Tony Award-winning actress Melba Moore.

Phil Perry was set to perform at the Triad center in New York on november the 12th,at 9pm, with the great Melba Moore. The duo were going to present the new material from “The Gift of Love” at that showcase.

The performance is now in jeopardy,due to the condition of Mr. Perry.

Let’s all hope for the best, and wish Phil Perry a speedy recovery, so we all can enjoy his music for years to come.

Here is a link to the official Phil Perry website. Show him some love, and drop him a message of support, through this hard time with his health…

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12 Responses to “Singer Phil Perry Collapses on Stage at Concert in South Connecticut”

  1. I didn’t know about this. I have heard of him from singing with Jazz artists. I was going to wish him a speedy recovery but the link above shows that he has died. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone. Wow.

    • Wow,…that would be sad if that is true.
      I have yet to be able to confirm if he is actually dead, or not.
      Let’s hope it’s not true, and that he pulls through, but if so,it is a sad development.

  2. I can’t find any evidence that he died except for the link (right under the last picture you have of Phil) under the Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) which is now about Aerosmith but when I posted my first comment is stated Phil Perry had passed. Sorry about that.

    • Yes,…I did see that earlier, and I attempted to see if any other news service or blogger had a report on it as well, but I have not seen anything..
      The writer of that blog may have some inside info, so I am no way saying he is inacurate, but I just
      wanted to confirm that, since I did get fooled,don’t tell anybody,.. by the Kanye West death rumor,and the Maya Angelou death hoax, …and the balloon boy….so I am just doing a little fact checking before I get all sad and put up a memorial article…
      Don’t be sorry, it’s just the way of the blogosphere…it goes along with the territory, and I know folks are doing the best they can, or just trying to scoop everyone….lol
      Thanks for looking in to that, and I will post an update as soon as I can find out how he is doing…lol.

  3. Hello people i am Melba Moore’s Manager
    Mr. Phil Perry is alive and kicking he is doing well
    Please get facts before listening to people
    that love to spread rumors we spoke to Phil twice
    His spirits are high ..look forward to “The gift of love” tour
    He wants his fans to know is is well and has to mend
    Melba Moore & Phil Perry Duets and solo’s
    Cd Released 9/29/09 in all major stores
    and all internet outlets
    We will continue to spread positive energy and not negative
    and for Phils speedy Recovery
    Ron Richardson & Melba Moore

    • That’s good news Mr. Richardson, I am hoping that Mr Perry pulls through.
      I will take your word for it, since you sound like you know what you are talking about.
      I will take your advice for what it is, good advice, and I also will remind you that if the comment by my reader was false info. he, and I communicated that we saw a report from another blogger, and that I we should not take it as a fact.
      I also did not want to accuse someone I do not know of spreading a rumor, because I did not know at the time if it was, but I stated my skepticism, and in fact encouraged my reader to not accept it as a fact as well, for the reasons stated in the exchange.
      Given that, I can only assume that you are directing your comments to the general audience, for future reference, but , in reading it, one might think that you are addressing those remark to me, which I think is not fair on your part.
      I will assume that you are saying this to the general audience, in reference to other bloggers, TMZ, or other news outlets that may be apreading false rumors about Mr Pery’s health, and I can assure you that that is not the case here.
      So, I will reiterate what I said at the end of my article, and get that I am not either artist manager, nor relative..

      Let’s all hope for the best, and wish Phil Perry a speedy recovery, so we all can enjoy his music for years to come.

      That sounds like what it is, a positive wish for this incredible artist.
      Good luck with the sales of the new album, and if you have any info. if he may be able to keep any scheduled appearances, or what to expect from his recovery, then I will be happy to pass along that info to my readers.
      Thanks, for stopping by, and I will take your comments in the best spirit possible, and if I said anything in offense to you , Mr Perry, or Melba Moore, you may be interpreting it my words incorrectly.
      Send Mr Perry all of my best wishes for a healthy, and speedy recovery.

  4. Hello Jerry no it wasnt directed to you personally
    its just letting the general public
    Know never believe the first word you see on the internet
    it was posted on other sites that Mr. Perry expired
    we love the public and dont want them upset
    especially if they dont have to be .
    we respect the fans and their love for the artist
    but to say something without fact isnt right
    at least wait until its official news via mass media
    or from the family ..thanks for the support
    Ron Richardson/Melba Moore
    Ron@Hushtown ent.

    • Yes, that’s reasonible Mr Richardson, and that link with that false report is still linking to my article, so I get it.
      I fully understand, and if it was my family or friend going through this, I would be upset as well.
      The blog world may need to be chastised from time to time, so feel free to straighten me up any time you see fit…lol.
      Mrs Moore and Mr Perry have my full support, and I look forward to the new material.
      Good luck with the album release, my friend.
      Take care,
      Jerry Brice

  5. Please accept my apology as well. My bad.


    • This article is a couple of years old, and I can assure you Phil Perry is quite alive and healthy!…if he comes close or to our town,make sure you go to check out his show, you will not be disappointed.

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