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Braylon Edwards Death Threats Investigated By the FBI, A Hit on the Jets

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I bet that Braylon Edwards wishes he would have punched out one of LeBron James hanger-ons a long time ago, now that his career is surging playing on the New York Jet’s football team.

You see, back in October, early in the football season, Braylon Edwards knocked out a friend of LeBron’s that he thought was disrespecting him.

Braylon was unapologetic about the altercation,and he and Lebron exchanged words via the media.LeBron claimed that Braylon was just a jealous bully, who needs to grow up, because his friend was just a little guy, and Braylon was so large.

I reported on the altercation here-

Edwards was charged, and the Cleveland Browns, where he had been a disappointment, used the event to ship him to  the New York Jets, just to get rid of him.

Well, that seemingly bad event, has actually become a  blessing to all,as the Jet’s rookie quarterback has deemed Edward’s his favorite new target, and the duo have been burning up the field with receptions. The stats are rising.

Shortly after the altercation in Cleveland in October, Edwards received several death threats from ”someone”.

FBI Special Agent Scott Wilson said that the Browns contacted the Cleveland field office about the threats shortly after the Oct. 5 incident. Wilson would not discuss the nature of the threats or who made them.

He says the FBI is no longer investigating any threats.

Browns spokesman Bill Bonsiewicz says it’s not unusual for the team to communicate with local law enforcement agencies about such matters.

What is unusual is that a friend of LeBron’s would try to retaliate from a beat down, by threatening to kill Braylon Edwards.

Just take your beating like a man, forget about it, and move on.

Braylon Edwards has, and he is better off for it.

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