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61 Year Old New Jersey Priest Found Murdered Inside New Jersy Church Rectory


RIP Father Ed Hines

RIP Father Ed Hines

Rev. Ed Hinds, 61,a Roman Catholic priest, was found murdered  Friday morning in his clerical robes, in the rectory of his northern New Jersey parish. Authorities warned that a killer was on the loose. No one has been arrested, and police have reportedly said they would not discuss possible motives.

Authorities in Chatham did not release any details about how the Rev. Ed Hinds was killed but said the 61-year-old clergyman had wounds “consistent with a homicide.”

The body of Father Edward Hinds was discovered in the kitchen of the rectory in St. Patrick’s Church after he didn’t show up for his Mass he was scheduled to deliver at 8 a.m. He was wearing his clerical garb when he was found by someone concerned by his absence.

The circumstances surrounding the murder have not yet been revealed, but police said he had multiple wounds that made it clear he was killed at the hands of someone else.

“All I have right now is a pastor who has numerous wounds and a crime scene that is consistent with a homicide,” said Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi.

Police are canvassing the neighborhood looking for a weapon, but they won’t reveal what kind of weapon.

The beloved priest had been preaching at the church for six years, and parishioners can’t understand why anyone would want to kill him. 

At a press conference held Friday afternoon, police officials did not reveal any other details about the priests’ murder.

Relatives of the priest left the rectory in tears Friday afternoon.

“Why? Why?” one older woman sobbed as she was escorted out.

St. Patrick’s Church is part of the Paterson Diocese.

For more information on this tragedy, click on the New York Daily News link…

12 Responses to “61 Year Old New Jersey Priest Found Murdered Inside New Jersy Church Rectory”

  1. Hi Jerry

    I also write a blog on wordpress – and I have had several psychic visions about this priest’s last moments for the past two hours since learning of his death from a friend who knew him on FB.

    I am not saying all priests are pedophiles but this priest may have known his murderer. The dog did not bark or cause a scene so the priest and dog both knew the person. I think it was a teenaged boy who grabbed a serrated knife and first whacked him over the head stunning him and then trying to strangle the priest as he stabbed him repeatedly. The murderer took the blade with him and left the priest there on the floor in a posed position – when I write “posed” I mean he took the time to pose the priest – to make it look unnatural. I think the murderer meant to kill this man – went to the rectory to do so – and had a motive which could have been a sexual motive.

    I also think this teenager had been there since 11pm thursday night and spent the night with Fr. Ed until before 8am when he was scheduled to say mass.

    I can only give you what I see and that is what I saw – a lot of blood, no defensive wounds on the priest, he still doesn’t know what happened to him.

    If you’d like to contact me you can do so on my blog – see above –
    Thanks and I read a bit of your blog – found you interesting as we seem to gravitate towards writing about similar issues.

    Bonju Patten

    • Thanks for the compliments on my blog, and I will be a regular reader of your blog now that I have the link…lol.
      You make a good case here, and believe me my friend,I know there are some people that truly have these
      skills as a seer of the future, and you sound like one…

      It will be interesting to see how close you come to the actual crime, and I am glad you wrote that possibility here on my blog,because when the facts come out,
      I will have a scoop, well…after you run the first story on your prediction, I will do the second…
      all in all, it sounds all plausible, given recent history of this church.
      I must state that I have no official evidence of this Father being a molester, but, you did allude to a personal connection to him
      via a close friend, so I will have to go with what you have said here.

      This is all quite interesting.
      Thanks for the great comment….lol.

    • Are you sure?

  2. what recent history of this chursh are you referring to?

  3. i went to st. pats school and became very closse to ed hines…he was a great man

  4. i read on a ticker across my tv screen last night that julio eglasias was the murderer…I can’t find anything online about this.

  5. I’m sadened when people group everyone into the same catagory. All preists aren’t bad and i hope that the killer is brought to justice. Times have changed 40 yrs ago the communtiy would have found that killer in 1 week flat, the properity of the church declined is now showing.

    • Every priest is not alike, but the bad ones mess up the reputations for the good ones.
      It is reasonable to take into consideration the recent past history of the Catholic church when it
      comes to molestation cover-ups, so, like in a court of law, it would have to be considered…
      Now , as it turns out, it was a job dispute, and the janitor did it…
      The speculation was not correct,although the part about the dog being familiar with the killer
      was accurate..
      I am glad they were able to close the case, and not haver this priest reputation sullied by the child molester priest, that have been
      known to lie.
      May he find peace in his transition…

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