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The Police Will not Release Information On Somer Thompson,7 year old rape and murder victim, Autopsy

Somer Renee Thompson and her Twin Brother

Somer Renee Thompson and her Twin Brother

The police in Florida are refusing to release the 7-year-old’s cause of death, even though an autopsy has been completed on her body.

Somer Renee Thompson body was discovered Thursday in a garbage dump. She went missing

Sheriff spokeswoman Mary Justino says no details on Somer’s death will be released in an effort to “preserve the integrity of this investigation.”

“We know the cause of death. Our focus is on, we want to preserve the integrity of this investigation and are not releasing any information that in the long run would prevent us from prosecuting and convicting the person who did this to Somer,” Justino said Friday. “For that reason, at no point will we discuss cause of death, the manner in which she died or any other details regarding what was done to this child.”

Authorities are combing through a “tremendous mountain” of garbage at the landfill, searching for clues to Somer’s killer. They are also focusing on a vacant house near the child’s home.

Police have no suspects, but they are investigating several sex offenders and registered pedophiles that reside in the area.

A man who worked on the renovation of the house at 1080 Gano Ave., where 7-year-old murder victim Somer Thompson was last seen alive, is a registered sex offender.

Vinson Design and Build is the construction company that was working on the Orange Park home, which has been vacant since a fire several months, according to Clay County public records.


James Vinson owns the company. Vinson’s brother,George Vinson , who works for the company, is a registered sexual offender, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement sexual offender website.


James Vinson and his business partner were interrogated for hours by detectives on Thursday, she said, and George Vinson was being questioned Friday


The Gano house is the last place witnesses saw Somer Thompson, who vanished Monday on her way home from school.


He has not been arrested, or charged, and is considered innocent until proven guilty.


Let’s hope that they find the right person responsible for the death of little Somer Renee Thompson.

7 Responses to “The Police Will not Release Information On Somer Thompson,7 year old rape and murder victim, Autopsy”

  1. Several years ago…when when a South Carolina mother begged for the black man who kidnapped her two young boys to “please bring my babies back”…I immediately turned to my wife and said to her, “she killed those children…”. This was Susan Smith, who we found out all too soon had drowned her children in a muddy lake . I’m a father of three…and although I’ve never lost a child (thankfull)…I instinctively knew that this woman’s expressions…both verbal and facial…were not that of a grieving, frightened mother. She gave a terrible acting performance…complete with an abundance of ‘crocodile tears’. Unfortunately my assessment was correct.

    Now…we have the tragic death of Somer Thompson. I truly pray that I’m wrong…but I fear that I’m seeing the same bad acting performance from the child’s mother, Deanna Thompson. I can’t say too many times how I hope that I’m wrong…but what I see is a woman who appears to be doing her best to show grief…to say all the things that would be expected of a mother in her situation…but I sense not grief.

    I was watching an interview she had this morning with Kate Snow/ABC…and I watched on on my huge, HD screen as she continually wiped the tears streaming from her eyes…as she spoke of her daughter. The only problem is…there were NO TEARS. My TV screen enlarged her face to three times its normal size….and with HD clarity…you could count her eyelashes…and trust me, there were no tears, with one exception. At the very end of the interview…she managed to squeeze one tear from her left eye. And I say ‘squeezed’…because you could see the contraction of her facial muscles…bringing that one tear to her cheek. I know that muscle movement…I used it many times as a child to attempt to garner sympathy and perhaps a bit of mercy from my parents when I was in trouble…which was quite often.

    I’m not a cynical person, I’m not saying that my suspicions are correct…but this is not the first interview in which I’ve noticed this same phenomenon. And I might at, that I’m a retired psychiatric social worker…a profession in which I am trained to observe behavior…in close detail, to pick up on behaviors that veer from the norm…and I see nothing but red flags when I see these interviews. I’ve observed many parents that were grieving from the loss of a child…and this mother’s ‘expressions of grief’…simply do not come across as real…or at all sincere, they in no way compare to the grief of parents that I have known.

    I am not accusing this mother…merely noting an observation and an opinion, and I’m wondering…am I the only one who is thinking along these lines?

    • Somer Thompson’s mother DID NOT kill her. The tears were real, and I live about 2 miles away from Somer’s home, therefore i went to Somer’s memorial service. I actually got the chance to talk to Somer’s mother and the signs of grief and loss were obvioulsly real. She cried much more than one tear. What you saw was probably her trying to keep in the tears, and that is what you saw her straining. Stupid republicans have no common sense these days

  2. JThe parents of sommer did not murder her, This little girl was raped by a male. Her tears are real and the Mom is grief strickren.

  3. sommer’s killer is the icecream man…….

  4. UPDATE: Charges have been filed against the murderer of little Somer…
    Watch the AP video oh Mrs Thompson’s brave remarks here-

    …We got him!!!!

  5. am i the only one who noticed john repeat that he wasn’t accusing the mother of the crime? hmm.

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